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Industrial Automation Products with Solutions and Services

Logic, Inc. is a small high-tech distributor of industrial automation products. Since 1981, we have built a reputable organization that provides solutions and services with control products to aid engineers, system integrators, OEMS, IT and management professionals for process manufacturing industries.
From food and beverage, oil and gas, to water/wastewater and infrastructure, our software and hardware solutions will maximize equipment, processes, and productivity.
We offer products, solutions, and training in:

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Embedded HMI Software Connectivity Capabilities

InTouch Machine Edition  Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition is an HMI-software for intelligent devices and embedded operator-panels. It can be used wherever you would like to collect, pre-process, aggregate, contextualize and queue small data to be delivered to a big data system. It is designed to run in a small footprint and require minimum system resources such as drive space (including solid ...(full article)

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