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Choosing HMI/SCADA Software

AVEVA Edge vs. Ignition Chart

There are many factors that should be considered when choosing HMI/SCADA software. The goal of industrial software is to optimize operations by giving operators visiblity of their process data. But how do you get there? When evaluating, consider platforms that offer the appropriate size, cost and features to find your perfect SCADA software solution. Consider how SCADA software integrates disparate systems into a single, intuitive dashboard and how well the SCADA software can communicate with the individual machines or your MES. For a quick product comparison, review our AVEVA Edge vs. Inductive Automation Ignition Chart.

8 key considerations when choosing HMI/SCADA software

1 Scalability

Depending on your needs (i.e. tag count, multiple sites, etc.) industrial software platforms should be adaptable and compatible with small systems up to large enterprise plants.

2 Ease of Use

Consider what it takes to set up your system. Does the platform offer configuration wizards? How much scripting is required? Is there ample documentation or guidance?

3 Security

It is estimated that cybercrime damages will reach $6 trillion by 2021. Choose a provider that is well-established, has a cyber security team, and offers added security like integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

4 Cost

Though cost should not be a deciding factor it is an important one. Be wary of add-on modules and if they are covered in version upgrades.

5 Interoperability

Perhaps the most important factor in deciding which platform to use. Choose vendor agnostic and multiple communication drivers to give you the most flexibility with your systems.

6 Graphics and Templates

Platforms that provide a multitude of graphics and templates save you time and cost.

7 Support

Don't underestimate the value of support. Look for support that provides access to local experts, knowledge centers, and free version upgrades.

8 Compatibility

Does your vendor offer backwards compatibility? Be careful of vendors that drastically switch up programming leaving you with the only option of "rip and replace".

AVEVA Edge vs. Ignition Chart

Features AVEVA Edge AVEVA Edge AVEVA Edge Inductive Automation Inductive Automation Inductive Automation  
  100 Tag IoTView 500 Tag Embedded View  Unlimited Clients & Tags Ignition Basic    Ignition Pro Ignition Ultimate  
Price $205 $535 $19,490 $11,900 $19,350 $28,750  
Platform Single Single Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  
Tags 100 500 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  
Vision Clients 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  
Perspective Clients 1 1 Unlimited Additional Cost Unlimited Unlimited  
OPC UA Server  
Tag Historian  Additional Cost Limited Limited  
Symbol Factory  
Alarm Notifcation     
Allen-Bradley Drivers  
Siemens Driver Additional Cost  
Additional Native Drivers 7 250+ 250+ 4 4 4  
Reporting  Additional Cost  
SQL Bridge    Additional Cost  
Voice Notification    Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost  
SMS Notification    Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost  
Sequential Functions Charts        Additional Cost Additional Cost  
Statistical Process Functionality (SPC)          
OPC COM DA+HAD      Additional Cost Additional Cost  
DNP3 Realtime Driver       Additional Cost Additional Cost  
Development/Designers  Additional Cost Additional Cost  
Migration Ready Limited Limited Limited  
MES Functionality   Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost  
Import FactoryTalk ME/SE, PanelMate, or PanelBuilder32   Additional Cost        
Recipe Management Limited Limited Limited  
Remote Management Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost        
Annual Support 24% 24% 24%  
Subscription available        
      *Inductive website 04/20  

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