Make your asset, operational and business data interoperable using one platform

Reekoh empowers enterprises across all industry segments with capabilities to reduce complexity, remove barriers and accelerate time-to-value in their integrated solutions, uniquely bringing together Physical (IoT/IIoT/OT) and Application (IT) data. Interoperability of data and systems is paramount to the success of asset-heavy industry verticals looking to transform and take advantage of the power of the cloud, while leveraging their decades of investment in existing systems.

Work with data from a fragmented landscape

Securely manage OT, IoT, IIoT and business app data ingestion from across disparate and fragmented systems, protocols, networks and data formats.

Intelligently transform and orchestrate data

Enrich contextual data, manage metadata, perform transformation and utilsie data mapping to work with common data models and schemas.

Integrate data with business systems and processes

Integrate data to various endpoints for application and process logic, storage and data analysis, as well as physical and digital automation.


Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform

Reekoh Accelerate™ is an agile, modular integration platform that enables interoperability and the rapid utilisation of data from fragmented data source types; Physical (Industrial/IoT), Application and Open data.
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Reekoh Outpost™ Edge

The Reekoh Outpost™ Edge solution brings agility and flexibility to “distributed integration” – combining data from edge devices, secure networks, and the full range of enterprise business applications and cloud environments within an organization.
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Enterprise MQTT Cloud Brokers

Reekoh aleady has various MQTT plugins provide a number of capabilities and support various implementations, depending on requirements around data ingestion or integration.
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Reekoh Outpost™ Edge MQTT Broker

Reekoh’s pre-built Edge MQTT Broker is simple to configure and deploy, creating an immediate MQTT communication solution that can power simple data transfer or fully integrated enterprise applications.
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Featured Case Studies

SAP Work Order Process Automation

Find out how a leading US manufacturer of building materials reduced operator intervention time by 3,000% per asset by eliminating the need for PLC and SCADA programming for maintenance Work Order management.
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Hybrid Edge IIoT Integration

Global systems integrator delivers an agile and lean solution for bridging on-premise SCADA systems to hyper-scale cloud architecture utilizing a hybrid integration architecture with Reekoh.
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Smart City Platform & Integration

Reekoh’s Open Plugin Framework allowed for the rapid development of new plugins alongside the large repository of existing plugins and integrations, and meant that data could begin flowing quickly through from a number of existing systems and solutions.
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Reekoh is an Endosed Technology Partner with AVEVA™

Providing OT/IT integration for one of the world’s largest industrial software vendors and channel.

Tired of tedious manual workarounds to get the data from your operational technologies into your information systems?

Reekoh can help you connecting existing OT and IT systems to automate work order management, offer a ethod for replacing manual PLC programming with device metadata, and much more.

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