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FMK-A/B-R5 580 (Use FMK-A/B R5-580)

Frame Size R5- Flange kit. Flange mounting kit for the ACQ580-01 drives allows mounting the drive with the heatsink external to a 3rd party enclosure. The kit is delivered as a separate kit and includes a drip shield (to keep the heatsink side as IP55).

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ABB Drives - CDPI-01 - ABB Drives Accessories

ABB Drives - Panel bus adapter - Used to connect a remote control panel to the drive, or to connect the control panel or a PC to several drives on a panel bus. The panel bus can have a maximum of 32 nodes. The control panel/PC is the master, while the drives equipped with the communications adapter module are followers.

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ABB Drives - DPMP-EXT - ABB Drives Accessories

ABB Drives - Control panel door mounting kit, includes DPMP-02 and CDPI-01, Includes the surface mounting control panel platform, and IC65 cover and a 3m panel connection cable. The kit is UL Type 12, and panel bus adapter option.

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