Superior Clamping and Gripping for Robotic Applications

With 11,000 standard components SCHUNK offers the world's largest range of clamping technology and gripping systems and with more than 2,550 SCHUNK grippers, the broadest range of standard gripper components on the market.
The entire gripping system program comprises more than 4,000 components. SCHUNK has been a partner to the robotics industry for decades, providing perfectly suitable "end-of-arm" solutions as either standard components or complete, customized gripping system solutions. In the field of robot accessories, they offer the largest range of modules on the market for ensuring perfect interaction between robot arm and tool. SCHUNK defines a new standard of high-quality product and industry-related solutions - in clamping technology and gripping systems.

Gripping Systems

Our program of gripping systems, with its standard grippers, ready-for-use gripping system assembly groups, and diverse customized gripping system solutions, is considered the most comprehensive of its kind. SCHUNK grippers are characterized by the highest product quality, precision, and their many monitoring options, and have set the benchmark in automation systems in all industries worldwide for more than 30 years.


Clamping Technology

From powerful chucks, precision toolholders and the world’s largest range of standard chuck jaws to customer-specific solutions for jaws and hydraulic expansion technology. SCHUNK always offers you the appropriate product with the optimal performance features for your application.


SCHUNK Grippers

SCHUNK product line of gripping systems is the most comprehensive of its kind. They are characterized by maximum product quality, precision, and diverse capabilities.

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Plug & Work for
Universal Robots

The Plug & Work portfolio consists of electrically and pneumatically actuated grippers, quick-change modules, and force/torque sensors specifically adapted to robot arms from Universal Robots. All the Plug & Work components are prepared for mechanical and electrical direct connection to Universal Robots sizes 3, 5, 10, and 16. Depending on requirements, various grippers and end-of-arm components can be selected.

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Robot Accessories

SCHUNK offers an extensive line of modules for the mechanical, sensor, and power connections of handling modules and robots. Quick-change systems, rotary feed-throughs, collision and overload modules, force sensors, compensation units, and Insertion untis ensure optimal interplay between the robot arm and the gripper.

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