Transforming the CNC industry

VersaBuilt is changing CNC manufacturing through robotic automation. With the patented MultiGrip™ workholding and robot gripper technology, VersaBuilt has dramatically reduced the cost and setup time of machine tending automation systems. With products like MultiGrip™, VersaBuilt and Universal Robots together, our VBX-160 CNC automation is affordable for low-volume, high-mix manufacturing across a broad spectrum of industries, while increasing worker output and reliability.

CNC Application Kits for Universal Robots

VersaBuilt's pre-engineered CNC Mill Application Kit for Universal Robots comes with everything needed to build your own CNC machine tending system in less than a day. These components are designed and tested to work together. VersaBuilt's Mill Application URCap for Universal Robots simplifies programming allowing you to automate more production in less time with greater reliability.

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MultiGrip CNC Workholding System

MultiGrip is a better way to machine parts. At it's core, the MultiGrip CNC Workholding System is a pneumatic vise with quick-change vise jaws. A MultiGrip Vise and MultiGrip Jaws will reduce your change over time to less than a minute. Pneumatic vise actuation improves quality by delivering consistent clamping forces. When you're ready to automate, add a robot with a MultiGrip Gripper and enjoy the benefits CNC automation with a minimum of effort.

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Robot to CNC Integration

VersaBuilt's Robot2CNC control system allows your robot to communicate and control your CNC machine. Traditional IO hand-shake implementations are limited in capability, difficult to program and prone to costly errors during part change-over. VersaBuilt's Robot2CNC control system allows the robot to select the CNC program, cycle start the CNC and inform the robot when the CNC program is complete or generates an error.

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CNC Automation Accessories

VersaBuilt has been automating mixed-part CNC manufacturing for more than half a decade. We've developed a line of automation accessories designed specifically to improve the CNC automation experience. Buying automation accessories from VersaBuilt also buys the experience of our customer support team that are here to provide valuable expertise to help you tackle the toughest CNC automation challenges.

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