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Welcome to Logic, Inc.

Here you'll find products and resources for industrial automation success. We have over 30 years of industrial automation experience and an extensive technical foundation geared towards improving performance, quality, and capacity by:

  • Using the best automation technology available
  • Offering local sales and system consulting
  • Providing specialized training and technical support

We offer products that fit your application space - from basic machine control to enterprise-level manufacturing software.

About Us

Technical Foundation

Engineers selling and supporting engineered products.
[Our Sales Rep] is easily one of my favorite salesmen to deal with. I never have to worry about when/if I will get my answers, because [he] always gets it taken care of. Whether it''s a quote or a technical question, his response is always prompt and accurate.


Selling you product and ensuring its performance.
[Our Sales Rep] is a fantastic business partner and is always responsive. Very knowledgeable as well.

Team Work

All Logic, Inc. employees are motivated to help every customer.
[Regarding thinking of Logic first for automation projects]... If it is one of the product lines you all represent, the answer is Strongly Agree.

Bottom Line

Our success depends on your success. We will only recommend solutions that fit your needs.
I have had very good support from the entire sales team at the Wichita, Kansas office.


Logic, Inc. is an equal opportunities employer.