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The 2020 R2 release ushers in a new industrial operations experience harnessing the power of cloud, web, and mobile apps enabling unified operations and connected workers.
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The Customer First program offers continuous software maintenance and innovation through version upgrades to keep your software “state-of-the-art” so you can respond quickly to challenges and opportunities. If you have Customer First Support you are entitled to free version upgrades. If not, simply contact us and we will provide you with your options to upgrade.

What's new?

AVEVA™ Flex Credit Subscription:
• InTouch Unlimited – max tags 60K, dev tool (Window Maker), Communication Drivers, Historian
• Unlimited Client Licensing - RDP, Web and Mobile access (HMI SCADA & System Platform)
• InTouch HMI (Tag Server) Client

AVEVA™ InTouch HMI 2020 R2:
InTouch Web Client
• Full browser support for InTouch windows
• Read Write access including alarm acknowledgement
• New iOS and Android mobile Apps
• HTML 5 Carousel Widget – this widget support enables ‘slide-show’ capability of InTouch displays
• Greater improvements in security hardening and performance enabling larger client sessions
• Web Client Reverse Proxy Support for Secure Web Access
• Web Client integration with AVEVA Identity Manager (AIM)
• Web Client Per-User Memory Tags
• Web Client Performance Improvement
• Anonymous Connections with IFrame Connections
• SQL Data Grid Support in Web Client

InTouch HMI
• Modernization of stand-alone InTouch application with use of Industrial Graphics, Web Client, touch gestures and more without the need of SQL Server or Galaxy Repository
• Application Manager - New UI and Improved workflows to streamline typical, common tasks
• AVEVA Connect - management of Industrial Graphics in the cloud for improved standardization
• OPC UA Server
• Mobile App Support for Different Web Servers
• QRCode Scanner Web Widget
• Web Browser Web Widget

AVEVA™ Edge 2020 R2:
• Style Management support - Create and modify styles for Industrial Graphics
• Tag Browser - Use the included tag browser for Industrial Graphics to shorten development time.
• Symbol Export - Export Industrial Graphics as .aaPKG files to be shared with other products within the AVEVA portfolio
• Prevent Import Overwrite
• Improved Edge Arrays Support
• Trend Support for Indirect Tags - Mobile Access users can now use indirect Tags in Trend
• Trend Duration and start/end tags -Use tags for times for Trends and duration in Mobile Access
• Open() with Position and at Cursor Location
• Database Functions - Mobile Access users will see performance improvements when using database functions
• File Functions - Mobile Access will see performance improvements when using file functions
• Export Project as .ZIP

Edge IOT View
• Support Proprietary Files for Trends - Use Proprietary files for trends (not all types supported)
• Support for Alarms with Proprietary Files and Database - Choose “proprietary” and “database” History Format for Alarms (not all types supported)

AVEVA™ System Platform 2020 R2:
Application Server
• Drastic engineering performance improvement including object check-in time/ propagation times
• OPC UA Server (DA) for all runtime data in galaxy without the need of any third-party gateway
• Layouts Can Be Linked as Asset Content
• Layouts Support Owning Object
• Leverage Multiple Galaxy Style Libraries
• Role-based Navigation Model
• Dynamic External Content
• Layout Background
• Alias Name as Read-only Attribute
• Web Widgets
• Subscription-based Platform Communications
• Flex License Mode Configuration
• Licensing Improvements
OMI Enhancements
• .NET controls support directly into OMI ViewApp
• Layout scripting support enabling customized run-time user experience
• Custom Navigation support ability to provide enhanced multi-dimensional, logical view of data

New OMI Apps
• PLC Logic Viewer OMI App
• Insight Newsfeed OMI App
• New Graphic Repeater OMI App
• Map OMI App Enhancements
• PLC Viewer OMI App Enhancements
Communications Driver
• MQTT SparkPlugB support
• IEC 60870 protocol support
• OPC UA Client Tag Prefix Enhancement

AVEVA Historian 2020 R2 :
• Alarms in context of trends
• For InTouch alarms (previously only from System Platform)
• Remote alarms detection (in the control device instead limit checking in System Platform)
• Higher performance and more easily managed alarm history for InTouch (alternative to WWALMDB)
• Easier, richer reports using expanded Excel add-in
• Simple Unit Conversion in Historian Client tools, SQL and REST
• Enhanced Excel add-in (64-bit)
• Browser-based Historical Alarm Grid
• Alarm History - integrate alarm history with historical overlays directly from AVEVA InTouch HMI with simple configuration
• Data Replication Across Satellite Connections
• Summary charts based on batches/events

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