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AVEVA™ 2023 Operations Control

AVEVA™ Flex Credit Subscription:
Achieve faster return on investment and remove traditional barriers to software adoption by unlocking our complete portfolio through a flexible subscription program.The simple credits-based system spans any mix of cloud, hybrid, and on-premises solutions across AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio, including engineering and operations. You are in control with a pay-as-you-use approach that allows you to easily scale your solution set. Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation and empower your teams with software upgrades and expert support as well as optional success services. It’s never been easier to do business with AVEVA.

  • Power remote access for every user with remote web HMI and mobile SCADA
  • Versatility and extensibility HMI with intuitive graphical animation and scripting cababilities
  • Powerful and sophisticated virtualization technologies including the latest Microsoft virtualization technology, Hyper-V, and VMware
  • Situational Awareness library provides a superior set of building blocks for dynamic process visualization
  • Unequalled investment protection that consistently provides seamless upgrade year over year

  • AVEVA™ Edge
  • Portability allows you to develop once, deploy everywhere: CPU, OS, and display size flexibility
  • Interoperable with over 100 drivers/protocols, communicate with almost any device, OPC UA/DA connectivity included
  • Equipped with KPI logging with "Edge to Enterprise"; easily log data to local files, any SQL Database, Historians or AVEVA Insight in the cloud
  • Flexible architectures with a simple HMI to large, redundant systems with many drivers, Andon dashboards, and remote interaction
  • Reduced downtime with dynamic visualization documentation, repair videos, and help instructions to reduce MTTR
  • Clear information from Multi-language support (UNICODE), operators see information in their native speaking language

  • AVEVA™ Reports for Operations
  • Report with ease by significantly reducing report development time, simplifing report modification, and transforming raw data into attractive, information-filled reports
  • One stop document management automating complex batch, OEE, operatorelog, manufacturing execution system (MES), production, and energy-efficiency reports, or enter data manually
  • Seamlessly integrate output from InTouch, MES, Historian, Information Server, and Mobile Operator Rounds
  • Share reports with anyone, anywhere, anytime, with an intuitive scheduling tool that simplifies distribution

  • AVEVA™ Insight
  • Allows you to consolidate all your asset, operational and production data in one convenient location
  • Remote access and mobility to get you out from your desk, reduce windshield time, and go mobile
  • From zero to cloud in minutes, the intuitive interface allows newly on-boarded users to get up-to-speed and proficient, faster than ever before without a training cost
  • Mixing in the digital services you need from our extensive catalog enables you to uncover new improvement opportunities, and bridge the gap between engineering, operations and maintenance for more operational resilience and agility

  • AVEVA™ Teamwork
  • Workers collaborate in real-time to share important production related events, solve problems, and capture ideas for continuous improvement
  • Supervisors have visibility into what's happening on the plant floor, enabling more efficient management of daily operations
  • Stakeholders from health and safety, quality, and HR gain greater visibility and control over policies for a better way to track and enforce global standards and compliance

  • AVEVA offers multiple add ons from manufactuing execution such as AVEVA™ MES, AVEVA™ Batch Management, AVEVA™ discrete Lean Management, AVEVA™ Recipe Management, and AVEVA™ Work Tasks. In addition, other common components such as AVEVA™ Communication Drivers, AVEVA™ System Monitor, and AVEVA™ Integration Studio can be added. AVEVA has at the enterprise and supervisory level AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center, AVEVA™ System Platform, and AVEVA™ Plant SCADA.

    Empower your teams with AVEVA™ Operations Control to speed up your time to value with the sofware they need to drive improved decision making

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