Accelerating efficiency, reliability, and agility in manufacturing operations


AVEVA’s manufacturing value chain optimization solutions

With supply chain disruptions, increasingly volatile markets, and an accelerated shift to e-commerce, manufacturing companies can no longer operate their supply chains as before. Today’s challenges mean that supply chain and manufacturing operations must work together and ensure the highest business returns that operational constraints allow. The digital transformation of manufacturing operations offers real-time visibility into plant conditions and resources, gives manufacturing plants the ability to adapt to dynamic change, and ensures the efficient and compliant execution of manufacturing plans. All of which enables supply chain agility.






Optimizing your manufacturing operations for increased flexibility while securing efficiency, quality, and eco-sustainability to meet customer expectations in increasingly dynamic markets.

An agile and resilient supply chain depends upon reliable and continuously optimized manufacturing operations to minimize losses and flexibility trade-offs. Sustainability initiatives, which are pushing energy, emission, and waste reduction, remain top of mind in the industry, as does the adoption of a circular economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated workforce trends like a growing skills gap, employee turnover, and the difficulty of attracting new talent. Paper-based business processes and limited access to data and information for both continuous improvement and collaboration are obstacles to responsiveness and agility.

Companies with real-time visibility have been able to react to the disruption much more quickly, make fact-based decisions, and minimize the negative impact on their supply chains–or even gain a competitive advantage.



Manufacturing landscape challenges affecting agility


  • With rapid changes to market demand come changes
    to product demand and packaging configurations.
  • Channels to market are shifting away from retail to
    online, increasing customization and decreasing lot
    sizes and lead times for orders.
  • Increasing demand for transparency across the
    supply chain by Customers’ and regulators’ increasing
    demand for transparency across the supply chain
    requires traceability of materials and Environmental,
    Health, and Safety compliance documentation.
  • Declining worker productivity over the last five years
    has accelerated amid social distancing, remote
    working, and increased employee turnover.
  • Boards are making new commitments around
    sustainability, ethics, and corporate responsibility,
    which alter operating procedures and rhythms at
    each stage of the value chain.


Manufacturing value chain optimization

The digital transformation of manufacturing operations is a critical requirement to enable agile and resilient supply chain operations. Manufacturers will see benefits in productivity and sustainability, and at the business level. They will also see benefits in supporting new business models and driving customer engagement.

Optimizing the manufacturing value chain requires that supply chain sales and operations planning is feasible, and based on actual plant conditions, across the entire manufacturing network. Manufacturers then need to optimize execution to balance business needs with operational constraints. Within the plants, manufacturing operations must be continuously optimized to minimize losses in a much more dynamic environment. Multi-site manufacturing operations require a digital value chain optimization strategy that enables agility while securing the efficient and sustainable production of safe products at scale.

AVEVA helps to ensure reliable, efficient, and compliant operations, and to close the supply chain planning and manufacturing operations collaboration gap to optimize processes, empower workers, and to reduce value leaks with advanced digital technologies. Using integrated production planning, scheduling and execution, and a device-agnostic digital platform that connects people and systems from edge to enterprise ultimately enables better and more robust decisions. So, manufacturers can reliably deliver quality products on time, and in full.

AVEVA is combining cloud technology and digital twin innovations to deploy consistent process, KPI, and reporting standards across the business. Our solutions can strengthen corporate centers of excellence that identify and validate best practices for standardization and quick roll-out across a network of plants, people, and systems. The collection and centralization of data support advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to explore more complex data relationships, identify new insights for improvement, and optimize operating conditions.



How AVEVA can help

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the ability to optimize the manufacturing value chain to be more agile and adaptable to changing demand is essential. AVEVA’s manufacturing operations solutions optimize operational effectiveness and flexibility by aligning people and processes with advanced digital technologies for a cost-effective and consistent approach to operational excellence, compliance, transparency, and business agility across the enterprise. AVEVA connects the power of information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight, to enable faster and more precise decision-making, helping industries to further improve their operational efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in an increasingly dynamic market environment. Software offerings to digitally transform your manufacturing operations and value chain: For manufacturing industries such as food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, specialty chemicals, and repetitive discrete product manufacturing: AVEVA™ Manufacturing Execution System: Ensures efficient and compliant execution of the production schedule. Tracks and traces all material flow by digitally managing the rules and information for all operational work and data collection activities in real time.

AVEVA™ Manufacturing Execution System: Ensures efficient and compliant execution of the production schedule. Tracks and traces all material flow by digitally managing the rules and information for all operational work and data collection activities in real time.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling: Leverages multifactor production schedule optimization to improve on-time delivery, plant throughput and scheduling flexibility. Provides real-time visibility into the plant schedule for plant and supply chain operations and enterprise functions.

AVEVA™ Recipe Management: Increases manufacturing flexibility while securing consistent process and product quality. Helps to streamline the new product introduction process. AVEVA™ Insight: Improves asset reliability and operational performance with actionable information and artificial intelligence capabilities.

AVEVA™ Batch Management: Ensures flexible batch operations with reliable quality and optimal asset utilization.

AVEVA™ Discrete Lean Management: Improves operational effectiveness by measuring and analyzing discrete manufacturing performance with proven lean management practices, and digital access to work schedules, work instructions, and forms for reporting production results. AVEVA™ APC: Extracts maximum value and minimizes energy consumption by reducing control fluctuations of your production processes and assets.