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Actionable Insights from Anywhere, Anytime, and Any Device

AVEVA Insight is a secure managed cloud solution for collecting, storing, visualizing and analyzing operations information. It connects to siloed on-premise systems – such as supervisory systems, Mobile Operator Rounds, CMMS/EAM and even edge devices with IoT data - and publishes this data into a single platform, enabling remote access to critical information, equipment utilization analysis, condition management, predictive analytics, and more.

AVEVA Insight delivers actionable information and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to help your teams improve asset reliability and operational performance. With lower IT costs and fast to get started, uncover opportunities in a matter of minutes. It is the quickest and simplest way to increase your operational agility, resilience and sustainability.

AVEVA Distributor

What if you could increase your operational efficiency through continuous OEE monitoring and adjustment?

Operational and asset performance inefficiency result in downtime and reduces production throughput. AVEVA Insight provides continuous OEE monitoring of production lines in real time can help your personnel determine line bottlenecks with equipment efficiency tracking and improve operating efficiencies that result in reduced costs and increased return on assets (ROA).

How do you identify production anomalies quickly and pinpoint the cause to stem declining OEE and avoid productivity loss?

By triggering notifications when an anomaly is detected in the plant, operators and/or engineers on the ground can investigate the problem. By empowering operators to take proactive action, companies can minimize production anomalies. AVEVA Insight provides fast deployment and easy access to contextualized information and rich Artificial Intelligence, to make agile decisions and ensure sustainable growth.

How do you source data for HACCP/HARPC and CIP audits?

Lack of objective evidence of monitoring, corrective actions and cleaning procedures can lead to difficulties during HACCP/HARPC and CIP audits. AVEVA Insight – BI Gateway provides further analytical granularity, linear & non-linear time slicing and near real time processing coupled with business intelligence.

Drive asset reliability, operational performance, efficiency and performance improvements

AVEVA Insight is the backbone of the operational cloud, providing data collection & storage, visual interfaces, and analytics, with a frictionless experience that allows you to get started in minutes.

AVEVA Distributor

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