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  1. 4RF - Aprisa SRi
    4RF - Aprisa SRi SKU: APSI-N915-SSC-SO-22-C1AA
    4RF - Aprisa SRI Industrial spread spectrum radio, 902-928 MHz, base / remote / repeater station, half duplex, 2 Ethernet ports and 2 Serial port, FCC CFR47 Part 15.247, IC RSS-247 compliant, Selectable L2 bridge, L3 router, or advanced gateway router combination L2/L3 modes with VLAN, QoS, NAT Learn More
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Products 1-100 of 183

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Experts in Radio Communications.

For a long distance point-to-point link, a smart point-to-multipoint wireless SCADA network, or both together, choose the Aprisa.

With unbeatable reliability and performance, the Aprisa smart radios support all analogue and digital interfaces for a wide variety of applications.

Migration Made Simple

KCMO Water Services has a history and reputation for making smart investments in their infrastructure. The work and money they put in today should also benefit their water customers for years to come. So when the time came to upgrade their radio network they need a solution that would not compromise operations or disrupt water service. The 4RF Migration Master Station (MMS) provided a smooth migration from KCMO Water Services’ legacy radios.


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Upgrading an Outdated SCADA Radio Network?

4RF offers a solution to keep communications working seamlessly throughout the replacement process. During the transition, the MMS works alongside the legacy master station, utilizing the existing infrastructure and frequency assets, thus enabling companies to setup a high speed Aprisa SR+ radio network in parallel with the legacy network.



Learn How Easy Migration Can Be

Smart Radio and Design

Reliable and robust, 4RF radios are designed for quality and consistent high performance no matter how demanding your requirements The Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+ are distance-engineered and optimized for SCADA and telemetry applications.

Smart Security

Superior radio design for maximum performance. 4RF's approach protects against passive eavesdropping, active denial of service, ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks and attacks at a management level.

Smart Interfaces

A wide range of traffic and management interfaces, 4RF designed a future-proof SCADA radio solution.

Smart Operations and Management

4RF enables you to configure a number of detailed parameters to optimize your network dependent on your network topology - and with visual diagnostics and intuitive network management, 4RF makes it easy to manage your SCADA network.