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Attabox Polycarbonate Enclosures

High-Quality Engineered Enclosures

AttaBox offers a wide range of non-metallic enclosures featuring ten full product lines encompassing over 150 different sizes and configurations. Whether your enclosure is intended to house an electrical connection, control panel, or sensitive measurement systems, AttaBox enclosures protect against moisture, dust and dirt, ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes, and impact.

Why Polycarbonate Enclosures?

Polycarbonate is an engineered thermoplastic that is designed for extreme environments and has an impact strength greater than many metals. With a 5VA flame rating, it has impact strength approaching 5 times that of fiberglass enclosures. Unlike fiberglass which requires a protective mask, it is easy to drill with no dusts, chipping, or cracking. Polycarbonate is an injection molded resin that allows for best in class cost and best in class performance. Attabox's Polycarbonate enclosures are available with opaque or clear covers and include an accessory kit (contains all screws, inserts, and mounting feet).

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Product Capabilities Overview

In 2016, AttaBox™ was acquired by Robroy Enclosures™ and was transformed into a full line of non-metallic enclosures with multiple product offerings. Robroy Enclosures™ are the most specified Non-Metallic Electrical + Instrumentation Enclosures in the world and offer the largest selection of non-metallic enclosures in the market.



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Proven Protection

AttaBox enclosures adhere to stringent physical property performance standards including NEMA 4X, 6P and IEC 60529 IP66, and IP68 integrity as well as enclosures with UL94-5V is a flammability rating that not all current enclosure products have attained.

First Step to Last Touch

This largest selection of non-metallic enclosures are all made in-house with hands-on control over the integrated manufacturing process.

Mounting Versatility

Mounting bolts are completely isolated from the interior of the enclosure, maintaining complete environmental integrity inside with maximum electrical safety.

Unsurpassed Quality

AttaBox enclosures are manufacturered with th highest quality in mind withintegrate CNC and other technologies to optimize bonding, gasketing, customizing functions, and final assembly processes.

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