Industrial Software for Information Management, HMI,
Supervisory Control, and Asset Performance Management

As the world’s most acclaimed HMI – used in over a third of the world’s industrial and manufacturing plants – Wonderware by AVEVA continues to empower users with rapid creation of standardized, reusable visualization applications and one-click deployment across an entire enterprise including mobile users. Make informed business decisions and improve productivity and profitability for production with visualization, supervisory, information, and asset management from the most trusted provider in the industry. We provide sales, training, and technical support for Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Southern Illinois, and Southwest Iowa.

Discover AVEVA Flex Subscription

Subscription offers simplicity, flexibility and comprehensive value so that you can easily acquire Wonderware software you need to drive your business. The subscription offering provides a first-of-its-kind “a la carte” approach that allows you to choose precisely the software applications and scale you need. Through the introduction of our subscription offering, AVEVA offers more licensing options with greater flexibility for you. Subscription provides access to advanced Wonderware applications for a low initial cost, with the ability to spread software costs across the term of the subscription as an operating expense.

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AVEVA Flex Subscription
System Platform City of Lawrence Success Story

Improving Water Operations with Better Visibility and Operator Effectiveness

City of Lawrence shared with us their experience of switching their old SCADA software to Wonderware's System Platform. The new system enabled them to increase operator effectiveness, security, and visibility across facilities to combat costly, potential problems.

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