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AutoSave for System Platform

AutoSave for System Platform provides change management for objects including graphics, templates, instances and more, within the Wonderware System Platform environment. Using the AutoSave for System Platform client, the version history and revision details of each object in a Galaxy can be viewed and compared intuitively. To protect against unexpected change issues, restoration of changed objects back to prior states from the AutoSave history database with auditable change tracking is supported.

Less Risk, More Control

In uniting the System Platform solutions with MDT AutoSave, the automation industry’s most advanced change management and version control software, customers gain the ultimate automation control environment where valuable assets are secured, documented and readily available for rapid disaster recovery.

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Remove Undesired Changes

The key to “undoing” an undesirable program change is to maintain a history of all revisions. With AutoSave for System Platform users can access and restore prior copies of objects, which is essential in restoring plant applications quickly and correctly.

Access Prior Versions of Objects

The key to rapid recovery is the ability to access and download the correct automation program to the device. A common central repository of all program changes ensures that if a device fails, the most current copies of program logic and documentation are available so plant operations can be restored quickly and correctly..

Gain Insight into an Object’s Associations

A template may have many instances; AutoSave for System Platform provides the ability to see how one object is associated with others.

Restore Object Changes following a Galaxy Restoration

If a galaxy becomes corrupted and must be restored from a backup, AutoSave for System Platform can provide object updates that occurred immediately prior to the event.

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