AVEVA Reports

AVEVA Reports

Aveva Industrial HMI SCADA Software

AVEVA Reports for Operations

Produce clear, professionally rendered reports for communication and analysis of real-time and transactional events. With AVEVA Reports, report generation couldn’t be easier. Create reports quickly and have them delivered to anyone, anywhere. AVEVA Reports is no-code software with simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click configuration, and integration of real-time sources and manual data to HMI/SCADA, historians, enterprise software and relational databases.

The leading "purpose built industrial" solution to address Compliance and Performance Reports

The Most Prolific Standard for Industrial Reporting

  • No Programming, No SQL Scripts
  • Secure Browser and Mobile access
  • Connectivity to all major HMI, SCADA, PLCs, Historians and databases
  • Publish to Web Portal, PDF, Excel and Database
  • Built-in Statistical Functions and Graphical Objects
  • Cost Calculation Module (for energy/utilities Tarifffs & Billing)
  • Electronic Signature support including Audit trail
  • XML Output format for reports
  • Advanced ODBC Alarms driver
  • MQTT Driver providing IIoT connectivity
  • Perpetual and Subscription licensing

Centralized advanced visualization and time definitions

Create and manage visualization conditions and time schedules in one place and reference them throughout your report objects or project. Being able to make changes in one place and referencing conditions makes system-wide updates a quick, straightforward process while significantly reducing development time and errors.

Custom display objects

A new object builder lets users expand the graphics set with their own display objects. New objects are easily applied by anyone, through standardized configuration menus.

XML report output format

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is an ideal solution for data transfer, providing both a human and machine readable format. AVEVA Reports can now automatically generate reports in XML format for integration with other systems, typically automation and regulatory related.

Cost calculator

Automated cost calculations require use of schedules and variables to determine the proper costs to use at any moment in time. AVEVA Reports supports a very powerful cost calculation engine, enabling it to be an ideal solution for any billing or cost allocation application.

MQTT driver

In the Internet of Things era, the most common protocols for data access are OPC UA and MQTT with JSON Messaging. AVEVA Reports supports both protocols to access IoT, IIoT, and Industry 4.0 device data with a new configurable MQTT driver as well as a OPC UA driver.

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