Wonderware by AVEVA Edge HMI/SCADA Software

Easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable HMI/SCADA Software

AVEVA Edge is a highly scalable, flexible software that provides the tools for everything from advanced HMI/SCADA applications to small-footprint embedded applications. The rich feature set enables users to create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI/SCADA applications for any industry. AVEVA Edge offers everything required to connect to almost any PLC or controller, create remote HMI applications (for web, Smartphone, or tablet), and develop for a variety of operating systems.

AVEVA™ Edge SCADA – The full Windows based runtime offers all the tools you need for advanced SCADA applications

AVEVA™ Edge HMI – AVEVA™ Edge for embedded systems such as Windows Embedded operating systems. The small footprint makes AVEVA™ Edge HMI ideal for embedded and edge machines

AVEVA™ Edge Compact HMI – Compact HMI is designed especially for Windows CE operating systems

AVEVA™ Edge IoT View – IoT View is designed for Linux devices, and enables edge computing on even small devices such as a Raspberry Pi

AVEVA™ Edge Studio – The integrated development environment for AVEVA Edge allows users to develop applications once and deploy anywhere

Why Choose AVEVA Edge?

It is hardware independent and its open connectivity offers:

  • Native drivers to more than 250 communication protocols, covering all major PLCs, temperature controllers, motion controllers, bar code/2D/RFID readers and many other devices.
  • Ability to connect to any SQL database (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Historian), or Microsoft Access or Excel, and ERP/MES systems.
  • Embedded Web Server allows you to connect to your machine from anywhere at any time.
  • Store-and-forward capabilities to save information locally (if the connection to the historian is lost), and forward it to the historian when the connection is re-established.


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IoT Edge to Cloud Solution

Acquire data from any device and make it secure and available anytime without programing – just configure and connect! Many applications lack a complete full SCADA solution to enable monitoring of machines, equipment, process, smart I/O, and PLCs in remote and local locations. And if you do find an solution, it often requires non-reoccurring engineering cost that can add up! So many organizations are faced with creating their own solution with products that only amount to a programmer toolkit. AVEVA Edge and AVEVA Insight utilizes the power of a central SCADA system and the accessibility of the web to provide you with a complete solution for seamless integration and easy configuration.



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Save money by reducing your team's travel time

No need to head out to remote locations to access data. With AVEVA Edge and AVEVA Insight, you can collect to remote locations securely and share with your team anytime and anywhere.

Accumulate trapped data from older PanelViews

You can automatically convert FactoryTalk™ ME/SE, PanelMate™ and PanelBuilder™ projects. Conversion tools slash development times for users looking to migrate from existing 3rd party HMIs to InTouch Edge HMI. It’s possible to save up to 95% development time during the conversion process while protecting prior engineering investments.
Watch the AVEVA Edge and Factory Talk Tutorial

Collect data from multiple databases and get centralized control and alarming

AVEVA Edge’s 250+ drivers allow it to collect data from almost any source for centralized control and alarming. It has database integration and store and forward capability.
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Bypass hidden costs of purchasing additional modules

Other HMI solutions can charge you more for basic toolsets. AVEVA Edge includes reports, trends, recipes, drivers, and more.

Develop once and deploy anywhere

Develop your AVEVA Edge application, and use built-in capabilities to deploy your application anywhere. Deploy on embedded and small-footprint IoT devices, with core runtime editions that run on devices using Windows Embedded, Linux, or deploy to devices using any currently supported version of Microsoft Windows.

Easy development with industry templates

Developing applications for Andon solutions, Business Intelligence and OEE, or PackML? AVEVA Edge templates drastically reduce development time. Customize, configure, and get your machines running quickly.

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