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The World's #1 HMI enabling standardization and visualization

InTouch makes it amazingly easy for operators to optimize their routine interactions with industrial processes. InTouch provides contextualized information that operators need to quickly and accurately address abnormal situations before they impact operations. It enables users to quickly and easily create and centrally manage standardized, reusable, industrial applications; maximizing return on engineering, shortening project times, reducing risk and significantly reducing total cost of ownership. The superior approach of AVEVA (formally Wonderware) HMI Software to presenting information means less time to orient to the problem, increased focus on awareness and information, more useful informational displays, advanced alarm aggregation to focus on real problems and proper use of color to enhance operator performance while reducing distraction and fatigue.

InTouch HMI: What's new in the 2023 release

  • New UI/UX development environment
    WindowMaker has a modern look and feel, with streamlined workflows for increased engineering efficiency. The product and icons have been redesigned for an enhanced user experience.

  • Unlimited tag count
    InTouch 2023 supports an unlimited tag count. This means that the run-time database can store unlimited tags, including local tags and tags that reference a remote tag source. The unlimited tag license will be sold through the AVEVA Flex program and unlocks InTouch application scalability.

  • Longer tag names and item names
    To support modern hardware controllers and PLCs, the tag name length has been extended from 32 to 128 characters. Item name length has been extended from 79 to 254 characters.

  • Supertags
    InTouch supertags capability has been improved to provide organization structure for flat tag names associated with assets like a pump or valve. Supertags are now more easily accessible from the Windows UI panel and helps improve workflows by making it easier to manage members, instances, and attributes.

  • Enhanced language switching at runtime
    The event and alarm client control now supports runtime language switching of alarm group names, alarm comments, event comments, and status bar messages. This provides a better user experience for operators with applications in international markets.

  • Industrial graphics version support
  • This enables collaboration and standardization by providing the ability to manage and publish multiple versions of the graphics to the cloud. This capability is only enabled through AVEVA Flex license.

Why Choose AVEVA InTouch?

InTouch controls more than 100,000 plants and factories around the world, helping to achieve world-class performance, reduce costs and improve product quality. Operators use InTouch to visualize and control vital plant processes in real time. As more industrial devices are permeated with internet connectivity, InTouch is increasingly providing an ideal way to interact with them strategically

Secure Access
  • Delivered securely so that your plant data is protected from unauthorized access
  • Security features include integration with Microsoft Windows® authentication, Active Directory, Encryption, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Firewall-friendly
  • The portal can be placed inside a DMZ (via a gateway)

HMI for Remote Users

AVEVA InTouch Access Anywhere is not a replacement for dedicated mission-critical workstations, but it is an essential extension of AVEVA InTouch HMI and is targeted towards casual and remote users.

  • Extend HMI applications access to mobile, casual, and non-traditional users using a wide variety of devices with an an HTML5 compliant browser
  • Enables remote users to securely achieve greater visibility of plant floor data (graphics, performance, alarms, trends) from any location
  • Licensed for use with AVEVA InTouch HMI only


In Touch Web Client: What's new in the 2023 release

Personal workspaces

This new capability enables any InTouch user to develop ad hoc run-time displays. Enabling seamless access to data at their fingertips without any engineering development tools or scripting. The personal workspaces empower operators in real-time, leveraging responsive web visualization.

Map App Web Widget

The new Map App Web Widget incorporates a zoomable map into InTouch HMI applications and displays selected graphics in a geographical context. It supports a number of popular map providers including Bing, Google, Baidu, ARCGIS, and more. It's perfect for geographically distributed applications such as oil, gas, and water/wastewater. The Map App Widget is supported by both InTouch HMI and InTouch Web Client.

New Web Client Licenses

In an effort to offer more licensing flexibility, InTouch Web Server is now offered in 5, 10, and 25 client packs in perpetual licenses. This expands on the InTouch Web Server with the Unlimited User Client license offering currently available through the AVEVA Flex commercial model.

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