System Platform

System Platform

Wonderware by AVEVA Industrial System Platform Software

A System of Systems for Real-Time Operations Control

AVEVA System Platform with Operations Management Interface (OMI) is the world’s only responsive, standards-driven, and scalable software for deploying advanced SCADA, MES, and IIoT that contextualizes operations processes across the organization. System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes, and assets across all facilities for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support. With AVEVA System Platform you can securely visualize enterprise-wide operations using an asset model to apply context to real-time processes, alarms, events, and archived historical data – creating a single, common information stream that makes system design and maintenance more efficient and flexible and provides operators with greater situational awareness for improved effectiveness.

What's New in AVEVA System Platform 2023

  • Refreshed user interface
    The updated interface provides more efficient workflows and a common user experience across AVEVA's operations control software portfolio.
  • Object wizard performance
    The updated object wizard delivers significant peformance increases during development.
  • Embed web widgets within OMI industrial graphics
  • Place one or more web widgets directly in an industrial graphic and place them directly into a pane on both desktop and web clients.
  • Dynamic images in industrial graphics
    A new image property called ImageURI allows users to modify and dynamically change images during runtime.
  • Alarm improvements
    Translations for alarm messages, event messages, and alarm groups were added
  • Support for Microsoft™ Azure Active Directory
    Use Azure Active Directory as an authentication provider to configure user roles for development and runtime.
  • Updates for historical playback capability
    Source non-historized values during historical playback to avoid missing information. You can also flag these values to make the viewer aware of the alternative data source.
  • New big string data type
    This new data type allows users to store and transmit huge strings by supporting a virtually unlimited string size.
  • Security identity logging
    Allows developers direct access to additional security information and log security activities to tthe database.
  • Cybersecurity enrichment
    System Platform 2023 offers continuous enhancements and security hardening.
  • AVEVA Flex subscription-specific enhancements
    Multiple Flex single-engine licenses can now be assigned to a single platform
  • Extension updates
    There are three updates including new grid view widget, content presenter OMI application, and map OMI application.
  • AVEVA System Platform Enterprise
    Access pre-defined OMI displays and graphics from a web browser on any device. New workspaces features for the OMI web client allow you to create ad-hoc runtime displays directly in the browser. A new Sankey Diagram was added to the OMI App.
  • New AVEVA communication drivers
    Four new drivers including MQTT Sparkplug Publisher, MQTT Pub import/export, OPC UA Reverse Connect, and Deprecation of Device Integration (DI) objects.

Operations Management Interface (OMI)

AVEVA System Platform is even more versatile and powerful with the first ever responsive, Operations Management Interface (OMI). InTouch OMI visualization engine provides rich responsive, modern user experiences across all platforms without requiring scripting or programming! By using new model-driven smart navigation capabilities, multi-monitor configurations and screen profiles, you can use your project’s specific plant model and content to automatically link graphics to objects. Configure once, deploy anywhere.



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Fully Integrated Add-on Module

AVEVA System Platform is extremely open and interfaces to countless hardware control and measurement devices and manufacturing systems. It allows extensive re-use of engineering, eases maintenance burdens and extensibility while leveraging the latest IT computing technologies such as virtualisation and cloud computing.You can add on modules like Workflow Management, Performance, Intelligence, Batch Management, Recipe Management, InSight, and more.

Advanced Alarm Management

With out-of-the-box Alarm analysis, Operators can focus on process improvement and optimization and take proactive steps to minimise or avoid problems and unscheduled shutdowns instead of reacting from alarm to alarm. Analysis of historical alarm data provides the ability to quickly analyse alarm patterns and identify nuisance and ‘bad actor’ alarms that can lead to operator distractions.

Out-of-the-box Situational Awareness (SA) Library

Intelligent pre-built graphics content is adaptable, configurable, and incorporates situational awareness concepts; so users don’t need to be an expert in SA theory to successfully apply it in their HMI designs. System Platform based graphics have built-in quality processing and diagnostic indication, enabling users to rapidly determine root causes of communications problems.

Model-driven Information View

Enables enterprise-wide standardisation and a single version of the truth by managing all operating data. A common infrastructure that normalises and contextualises real-time process, alarms and events and historical archived data in disparate business systems around a common information model that is relevant to all functional teams company-wide. This makes the design and maintenance more efficient, flexible and secure.

Future-Proof Investment with Architectural Flexibility

Simply drag and drop objects to deploy objects on to another machine and scale up from single box solution to client-server to multi-tier tier deployment without re-engineering solution. You can easily scale as your business grows. Multi-tiering levels of Historian allows full fidelity of real-time data between the SCADA control network and Business network with total architectural flexibility, yet with secure domain isolation between the two networks.

Unparalleled Engineering Simplicity

System Platform makes it a breeze to engineers and system builders to implement and maintain SCADA platforms by maximizing automatic reuse and distribution of engineering content across the project lifecycle or yet another site. I/O Auto Assignment greatly reduces traditional labor and time-intensive mapping to IOs, and provides an automated means of configuring application objects to devices and I/O.

Centralized, Multi-user Collaboration

System Platform ensures application integrity through corporate standardization compliance across processes, funtional teams, and sites. The entire system configuration, administration, and deployment can be managed locally or remotely. System Platform enables rapid change management to align with changing business or technology drivers, while automatically propagating changes systematically across projects reducing risk and time.

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AVEVA offers a Real-Time Operations Control Platform for Supervisory, HMI, SCADA, and IIoT

Learn how a system of systems adds universal context to real-time processes, alarms, events, as well as archived historical data with visualization tools, responsive HMI development abilities, and modern device extensibility.

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