Unified Operations Center

Unified Operations Center

Real-Time Operational Performance Management

AVEVA Unified Operations Center empowers the whole team with a centralized view to help make informed decisions, fast. Bringing end-to-end operational visibility across facilities helps you improve safety, operational efficiency, and ultimately the profit margins of your business. Based on a “Systems of Systems” approach, Unified Operations Center allows plug-in and integrated apps, analytics, CCTV videos, GIS maps, ERP systems, Engineering P&ID diagrams and more. With out-of-the-box industry solution templates, reports, dashboards, and operational KPIs unifying your functional teams, departments and sites, seamlessly, under one platform, Unified Operations Center enables faster time to value.

Systems of Systems

It is true that even the most robust of systems supporting, monitoring and controlling smart infrastructure will need to be upgraded, and eventually replaced. That said, backing the right technology will ensure that the longevity, maintainability and sustainability of these systems is done so with a view to reducing the initial capital expenditure, as well as the lifetime operating cost of smart infrastructure assets, facilities and networks.

Download this whitepaper to learn how the right technology, combined with the right approach - a System of Systems approach - can support the centralisation of monitoring, control, asset performance management, and real-time decision support for all kinds of smart infrastructure - be it a building, data centre, airport, or a smart city - by ensuring that people and process are supported by the right technology.

Close the Data Gap with Context and Visualization

Integrating disparate applications via a centralized platform makes it possible to achieve a holistic view of operations, optimize costs and centralize information management all while enhancing customer experience.

  • Easily digitize standards practices across your Operations Teams to outperform and achieve world class results..
  • Expand the reach of information to any user, on any device without having to re-engineer HMI content.
  • Close the IT/OT gap with plug and play apps that leverage the Industrial IoT.
Download the Datasheet

Increase Bottom Line Profitability

Early identification of complex linkages and inter-dependencies that shape asset performance such as equipment maintenance start and stop times and unplanned downtime.

Improved Asset Performance

To ensure optimal performance, an annual tune-up evaluates your Wonderware software applications and their respective platforms, helping you to adapt to changing operating and business conditions.

Increase Efficiency

Clear, effective communication of critical plant information through on-demand reporting and dashboards among operators and managers at shift handovers and morning meetings. Eliminates the delay of “spreadsheet based” reporting of non-financial metrics.

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