Operations Management

Operations Management

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Operation Management

Maintaining order, effectiveness and quality in plant operations - Operation Management involves the optimization of equipment, inventory, process execution and staffing around strategic objectives such as cost reduction, quality control, and throughput continuous improvement. Implementing an effective operation management solution, plants can optimize asset utilization, maintain and improve quality, document compliance, and see the process from supply chain to customer satisfaction.

Jumpstart Digital transformation with MES

Find your starting point for digital transformation with the LNS Research eBook. Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM) solutions running in the plant or in the cloud can be a low risk, high-value entry point, and a key part of your Digital Transformation strategy. MOM can also be a starting point for integrating factories into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).



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Unlock limitless possibilities through flexible subscription options with your industrial software. AVEVA Flex allows you to do just that. Our range of flexible subscription options gives you complete flexibility in the procurement, design, management, and utilization of your industrial control systems. Delivering superior edge to cloud visibility empowering you to adopt transformative technologies quicker and easier than ever.


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AVEVA offers advanced visualization on everything from edge to enterprise.

Learn how to integrate your components, get your processes under control, and get critical information on demand.

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