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Caddis Distributor

Remotely monitor any machine, from anywhere, on any device.

CADDIS Systems delivers real time analytics that can be monitored from anywhere with cloud based architecture and a dynamic, mobile friendly user interface. Designed specifically for manufacturing facilities by a family who has been in manufacturing for over a 100 years! CADDIS is a streaming analytics application that powers intelligent action and improves utilization of a machine, a plant and your entire enterprise by using real-time data from the floor.

How it works

CADDIS has multiple inputs allowing it to automatically detect machine status. Temperature monitoring allows the user to control process parameters or monitor machine health while analog input is user-configurable. All the data is streamed to the user dashboard for monitoring, and multiple digital outputs allow for visual/audible alarms to be fired.

The CADDIS device is rugged and reliable - it is designed to withstand elevated temperatures and remain fully functional in every type of equipment environment. The CADDIS Eco-System of Modular Add-Ons allows you to customize the CADDIS device to meet your machine monitoring needs. Current add-ons available include additional thermocouple expansion, accelerometer expansion for vibration monitoring/analysis and infrared temperature expansion for non-contact temperature monitoring.

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Caddis Distributor

Gain Insight

CADDIS Systems provide you the data lead you to the facts. No more speculation, just continuous, relentless improvement.

Accurately Measure Machine Capacity

By monitoring machine uptime your business will avoid unneeded, costly capital expenditures by allowing the machine to tell you how full it is.

Manage Exceptions

Your time is finite, let the system highlight underperforming assets so you can spend more time taking action.

Preventative Maintenance

CADDIS devices have multiple inputs allowing it to automatically detect machine status and alert you to any excessive threshold.

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