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Emerson Premier Distributor Industrial Automation and Controls

Agile, Adaptable Solutions to Deliver High Productivity and Dependable Performance

Emerson’s industrial automation and controls solutions adds a new dimension to the industrial control and automation landscape, allowing optimized production, better connectivity, and precise control capabilities in a wide range of process and discrete industrial environments.

High-Performance Controllers for a Connected World
Emerson’s PACSystems tackle demanding industrial applications with deterministic control solutions that are scalable, open and interoperable at the same time. When there is no time for downtime, Emerson's high availablity and redundancy solutions deliver the uptime you need at the control layer. PACSystems enables flexible, adaptable upgrades and expansions as your needs change and priorities shift.

Leverage power and flexibility in smaller applications
RSTi-EP CPUs make it possible to incorporate the entire PACSystems suite in stand-alone applications or as auxiliary control in larger process applications that use RX3i. This simplifies training for operators and maintenance workers and streamlines application development and integration. With advanced security and PROFINET I/O solutions, you get massive power in a small package. VersaMax Micro Controllers offer modular design, powerful performance for their size, and high speed processing in a tiny package—especially when it comes to the VersaMax Nano, an all-in-one design that fits in the palm of your hand.

Drive operational excellence and maximize insights with Emerson’s control software
PAC Machine Edition (PME) provides PACSystems users an integrated environment to configure and maintain control applications. This software supports a wide range of devices such as HMIs, PLCs, VFDs, servos, and edge devices. PME utilizes a common user interface, drag-anddrop editing, and a rich set of development tools to develop control applications efficiently.

Five ways to achieve highly-efficient operations and drive productivity through analytics

Download this whitepaper to guide you through five ways you can optimize a process with analytic tools.

Agile, adaptable PAC controllers

PACSystems controllers let you choose the size of your controller and the optimal programming environment, while delivering speed, reliability and an unmatched level of security. With integrated control capabilities that can connect devices and machine-level data across all areas, PACSystems controllers help deliver high productivity and dependable performance in any environment.

Industrial I/O

Native PROFINET support gives the PACSystems I/O product line powerful mix and match capabilities, allowing you to select the right I/O size for the right job. Hot-swap capabilities improve availability while the compact footprint reduces component costs and enables more flexible installation closer to the application.

Integrated system for motion control

PACMotion combines an integrated motion and machine logic solution with the performance, flexibility and scalability required for advanced machine automation. Configured to provide the easiest integration and development, greatest precision and yield, and reduced maintenance, the PACMotion controller, servo drives and servo motors are designed to work together in applications from a few to up to 40 axes without performance degradation.

Industrial Displays

Fully modular sunlight readable displays are available in 7-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch sizes with optically bonded screens that eliminate refraction. This design improves visual clarity by by 20%, while clearly visible indicators show status at a glance.

Machine-level insights: PACEdge

PACEdge, with the unique PACSystems RX3i CPL410 controller, makes reaching and controlling the edge of your operations a straightforward, easily implemented process. PACEdge lets you begin where you are and scale as far as your operations and data demand.The PACSystems RX3i CPL410 controller allows you to incorporate an “outer loop” and an “advise layer” on top of the typical “see-think-do” control loop. If the “outer loop” is disrupted, the real-time deterministic control remains unaffected.

PACSystems single software solution

PACSoftware suite is a A single set of tools covers all controllers, with built-in safeguards assuring everyone is using the same data. Open standards allow seamless integration, while pre-defined re-usable modules get projects up and running fast with built-in security. PACSystems software dramatically reduces programming and configuration time and costs.

PAC Machine Edition 10.1

PAC Machine Edition 10.1 introduces several exciting new features including Hardware Configuration Smart Build and an improved Structured Text editor. As your application size grows, validation time and download time become more of a concern. In most cases, however, hardware configuration remains the same, even as logic is developed and continuously deployed.

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