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Versatile, Scalable, Muti-Axis Automation Solutions

Macron Dynamics Distributor

Macron Dynamics, Inc., a manufacturer of linear and mechanical motion components and systems. Macron products are built with the highest quality materials, assembled in the USA, and engineered to withstand the abuses of rigorous, daily usage. The result is a combination of versatility, positioning repeatability durability, and virtually maintenance-free operation.

Linear Robotics in Motion

Macron linear robots and gantries are solving all sorts of simple and complex motion challenges. Multi-axis automation products including H-Bots, T-Bots, Gantries, and Cartesian Robots. Available in 2 and 3 axis designs, Macron linear robotic systems are built to meet the specifications of any time, space, or size necessary to your unique application. They can carry heavy payloads and get the job done often for a lower costs than an articulated arm robot.

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What Are Linear Robots?

Linear robots are a type of industrial robot with two or three principal axes that move in a straight line rather than rotate, functioning at right angles to each-other. The three sliding joints correspond to moving the wrist; up and down, back and forth, as well as in and out. Linear robots with horizontal members supported at both ends are referred to as Gantry robots. They are often used for pick and place, sorting, packaging, and palletizing solutions.


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Linear Robotics

Macron Dynamics Linear Robotics are versatile, scalable, and simple. They are used in gantry systems, cartesian robots, and multi-axis automation.

Belt Driven Actuators

The belt-driven motion technology in these actuators are known for their speed, accuracy, and reliablity. They are used for horizontal and vertical motion as well as have extra long travel capabilities.

Screwdriven Actuators

These precise positioning screw actuators have exceptional positional accuracy and available in single and multi-axis options.


Macron Dynamics offers actuator and drive belt components including gearboxes, sensors, and motors. They also offer a complete line of aluminum extrusions for machine frames and automation applications.

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