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Industry's Most Advanced Change Management Software

Let's face it - change happens. MDT Autosave is able to "undo" with its ability to access and download the correct automation program to the device quickly. Change management will protect the intellectual property in your automation layer and across your enterprise. This will help you avoid risk regardless of device type, and recover from hardware failures, mistakes, and sabotage.

AutoSave for Wonderware System Platform

AutoSave for System Platform provides change management for ArchestrA application objects including graphics, templates, instances and more. Full version history and revision details are available for all objects. Gain the ultimate automation control environment where valuable assets are secured, documented and readily available for rapid disaster recovery.

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Avoiding Production Downtime

At this manufacturing plant, if a change was unauthorized or the engineer simply forgot to save the change to the main back-up file, version control issues would arise. If just one production line goes down because a PLC has fallen over due to poor software version control, the plant is faced with downtime costs of around $1,800 per minute. They applied the MDT AutoSave Change Management System and immediately retrieved Data after a PLC's code was lost.

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Comprehensive Change Control

Interacting seamlessly with editor packages, AutoSave provides: version control, archival backups, change detection, change documentation, historical tracking, secured user access, disaster recovery and automatic change notification in PLCs, CNCs, Drives, SCADA Systems, workstations, HMIs, and more.

Reduce Errors and Downtime

The key to rapid recovery is the ability to access and download the correct automation program to the device. A common central repository of all program changes ensures that if a device fails, the most current copies of program logic and documentation are available so plant operations can be restored quickly and correctly..

Protect Users and Assets

MDT AutoSave manages access to program folders and programs via a flexible privileging system. When physical access to automation devices is prohibited (ensuring changes can only be made through AutoSave) all changes in program logic are recorded by user, date, time, location and specific change detail.

Increase Quality and Compliance

AutoSave’s electronic approval and audit trail support ensures manufacturers that processes have not been altered without approval or documentation. The unique change control features, including internal security capabilities, have long been beneficial to regulated industry sites in meeting the requirements of the FDA, including compliance with 21 CFR 11.

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