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Reducing Energy Consumption through Submetering

MeasurLogic Inc. develops and manufactures affordable, effective, and scalable AC and DC electrical sub-metering and power monitoring solutions to enabling energy efficiency opportunities for building owners and facility managers. The DTS sub-metering family, integrated with the PowerStudio software suite, provides the tools to maximize profits, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

It is easier than you think. Cutting energy waste is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to increase profitability, improve organizational efficiency, and cut down on harmful carbon pollution. But until you measure - you can't control, manage, or reduce energy consumption. With sub-metering, visualization of data, and improving power quality, you can have a better understanding of where energy is being used and know exactly which piece of equipment is using too much energy and needs repaired.

Cost-effective AC & DC Electrical Submeters

DTS Series has been designed to work in most environments, require no external power source to operate, and work with all “safe” 333mV or 5A current transformers. For ease in installation, the DTS Series is designed to mount to almost any surface and can come with a bright backlit DTS LCD display to guide you through the set-up process. Some of the exciting features provided with the DTS Series are field configurable DIP switches, Fused Voltage Terminals, Auto-topology Phase Detection and on-board CT Reverse Algorithms for automatic correction of in-proper field mounted CTs.

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Electric Submeters

Electrical submetering offers the ability to monitor energy usage for individual equipment to account for their actual energy usage. This granular review can enable you to make better informed decisons that can optimize energy performance.

Current Sensors

Measurlogic offers an array of current sensors for every need, including split core, solid core and Rope current transformers (CTs); DC Shunts and Hall Effect Sensors. All of the electrical sensors are designed with an easy, un-intrusive installation in mind.

Demand Control

You can start saving money today with maximum demand control systems by Measurlogic. The sophisticated demand control systems help property owners shed excess energy expenditures with lighting, air conditioners, ice machines, and more. We can help you build a plan for maximum energy savings.

Power Conditioning

Having a solid power conditioning solution in place before you experience a sag, interruption, or surge in power will help you maximize your overall power quality. A power conditioner can help residents and business owners save tons on future losses due to power quality issues, including lost production time, damaged products, and maintenance after a voltage disruption.

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