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Ultra-Reliable Industrial and Embedded Computers

A leading industrial PC company, Onlogic is powering innovation worldwide. Designing and manufacturing small, rugged computers specifically engineered for harsh environments, the company offers modular designs, wide array of hardware building blocks, and application-specific technologies allowing you to create a custom solution optimized for your application.

Ultra-reliable Industrial Thin Client Computers

Onlogic's line of industrial-grade small form factor thin clients are perfect for installations that experience high failure rates due to dust, temperature, vibration and other common environmental challenges. By switching to a Onlogic fanless and ventless thin client you can reduce downtime and increase throughput while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

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Compact Industrial PCs with Legacy I/O

Looking for industrial computers for both embedded and workstation applications? Learn how Systems Equipment Corporation utilized Onlogic PCs with the required I/O configuration to effectively communicate with various components within their products.


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Industrial PCs

The Industrial PCs feature the latest in cutting-edge fanless and ventless chassis design. Perfect for the particulate-rich environments of today’s manufacturing facilities, these Industrial computers help reduce downtime and prevent failures due to dust, debris and vibration by implementing Onlogic's proprietary Hardshell™ Fanless Technology.

Rugged PCs

The rugged Line of hardened PCs provides the highest level of computing in a compact, ultra-durable, easy to integrate footprint. Highly resistant to dust and debris, our Rugged Line stands up to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures, and features the latest generation of processing technology for lightning fast performance.

Panel PCs

The line of industrial and ruggedized Panel PCs, hardened displays and HMI monitors feature an innovative modular design, enabling efficient maintenance and simplified upgrading.

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