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Pfannenberg Distributor

Global Manufacturer of Thermal Management, Liquid Cooling Solutions and Signaling Technologies

Pfannenberg, Inc. is a global manufacturer of thermal management, liquid cooling solutions and signaling technologies. Pfannenberg’s enclosure thermal management products help some of the largest companies worldwide stay cool and safe, protecting and keeping electronic equipment running to avoid costly downtime. In addition to the thermal management products, Pfannenberg also manufactures visual and audible signaling devices for security, fire, building, industrial process, disaster warning, hazardous areas, light art and illumination.

Critical Thermal Management Solutions for Maximum Uptime and Efficiency

For more than 60 years, Pfannenberg strives to satisfy the increasing demands of modern industries to protect electrical enclosures through innovative and safe process cooling. With proper enclosure climate control, you can improve the longevity of critical electronics. To ensure that sensitive electronics maintain their rated life expectancy and that they function reliably, proper regulation of the enclosure climate is necessary. Electronics are typically most efficient in an environment where the humidity is low and the temperature is approximately 95°F. As the temperature in an enclosure rises it can have a lasting effect on the electronics. Tests have shown that an increase in temperature of as little as 18°F shortens the life expectancy of electrical components by more than 50%.
Proper thermal management is necessary. This prevents critical temperature fluctuations, avoids overheating and protects against the formation of condensate. It is essentially the backbone of your entire production process, prolonging the life of your electronics and protecting your investment.

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8 Considerations When Utilizing Cooling Units

Pfannenberg cooling units operate on the principle of the Carnot cycle. This means that the cooling unit functions as a heat pump that “pumps” the thermal energy transferred from the electronic cabinet (heat dissipated from the components) up to a higher level of temperature (the ambient temperature can reach levels as high as + 55 °C). The air inside the enclosure is cooled down by the evaporator and at the same time dehumidified. Read our guide 8 Considerations When Utilizing Cooling Units to learn tips for effectively deploying colling units in industrial applications.

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Thermal Management

A properly selected thermal management solution requires not only an understanding of the climate inside the enclosure but also the environment outside of the enclosure. Pfannenberg offers filterfans, cooling units, air/air heat exchangers, air/water heat exchangers as well as heaters, thermostats, and hygrostats.

Signaling Technologies

Pfannenberg's signaling solutions can improve safety and efficiency. Thier heavy duty and versatile signaling devices satisfy numerous alarm, warning and indication requirements, including: machinery operating status, process monitoring, system startup, and building or area evacuation due to fire, toxic gas leak, chemical spill, or intruder alert.

Liquid Cooling

Pfannenberg offers a versatile range of chillers to choose from, ranging in sizes from less that 1/2 ton to 30 tons, insuring the proper capacity is available for most applications. With numerous equipment options available our standard chillers can be easily customized to meet your applications specific requirements.

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