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Puls Distributor

World Leader in Din-Rail Power Supplies

PULS products offer the best efficiency in the market - with high reliability, long lifetime and ease of use. By offering a small size, customers can shrink cabinets and housings making system integration easy and saving money. The extensive range of products give choice for finding the best solution for every application.

Small Differences, Great Savings

For a power supply, it is essential to achieve a high level of efficiency throughout the entire load range. It helps users minimise system costs and increase system availability. When designing new products, a large part of the development work is dedicated to the minimization of no-load losses in the form of heat. Learn how PULS uses a "Cool Design" that focuses on customer benefit.

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Selection Guide

All current preferential DIN-rail products from PULS can be found in the new Selection Guide. This selection guide includes a concise overview of products and also many technical details of all units. The overview tables arranged by product group make it easy to find the right unit.


Download the Selection Guide

Highest Energy Efficiency Ratings

Whereas an efficiency level of 94% used to be seen as state-of-the-art, PULS has succeeded in breaking through this barrier to achieve over 95.6%, coming one step closer to the ultimate ideal of 100%.

Compact with the longest service life

Save space in your cabinets and lower your total cost of ownership with power supplies known for their longevity, small footprint, and energy efficiency.

Simple Installation and perfect usability

PULS offers a wide product range with devices 15-1000W giving you a choice to find the right product for your application. PULS employs over 100 development engineers to design products that are easy to use.

High Power Reserves

Depending on the range, PULS guarantees a PowerBoost of up to 20% or a BonusPower of 50%. Larger power reserves help start heavy loads such as DC motors or capacitive loads with ease. These products also reliably cover short-term peak requirements of dynamic loads.

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