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Start Production Faster

From running and extra shift unattended to building up production quality and consistency or even bridging a recruitment challenge, manufacturers benefit from deploying a collaborative robot cell. Robotiq frees human hands from reptitive tasks. Offering sanding kits, vacuum grippers, CNC machine tending machine kit, wrist cameras, and more along with the know-how to simplify collaborative robot applications, can help factories start robots in production faster.

Are robots relevant for your factory?

Case studies

It’s becoming harder everyday to fill manufacturing jobs. According to a Manufacturing Institute/Deloitte report, 2 million of those jobs will be unfilled in a decade. Do you have processes where you have a high risk of repetitive stress injury? Where staff is difficult to retain or assign? Those are the best places to start with Lean Robotics methodology.


Getting started with collaborative robots

Although cobots are a relatively new technology, this doesn’t mean they’re hard to use. In fact, cobots are designed to be easier to operate than traditional industrial robots. Cobots allow you to perform the same tasks as industrial robots, but with a smaller investment and much greater flexibility in terms of setup and footprint. RobotIQ offers a an ebook to help you kick-start your prokect.

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Sanding kit

  • Reduce programming time from hours to minutes
  • Automate sanding tasks the easy way
  • The only hardware and software sanding solution for Universal Robots
  • Increase quality and productivity
  • Reduce worker injuries

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CNC Machine Tending Kit

  • Dual Hand-E grippers with an angled bracket (90°)
  • Fingertips starter kit, including a fingertip extender for larger parts
  • Machine Tending Copilot software, including Force Copilot and Contact Offset
  • Robotiq Wrist Camera (optional), including the new Visual Offset function
  • eLearning course on how to best use your kit

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External Tool Finishing Kit

  • Save hours of programming
  • Compensate for external tool wear
  • Program on an intuitive interface
  • Operate with any expertise level
  • Automate one of the toughest, dirtiest jobs

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Surface Finishing Kit

  • Automate one of the toughest, dirtiest jobs
  • Save hours of programming
  • Increase quality and productivity
  • Connect with the world’s leading finishing tools

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Bin Picking Kit

Aligned with Robotiq core value of democratizing automation, the Bin Picking Kit sets a clear path for locating, picking, handling and placing flat and cylindrical parts. It’s not just about the combination of great products, it’s also about the extensive knowledge they make available to you.

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