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Roxtec Distributor

Sealing Solutions for Cables and Pipes

Roxtec safety seals are found on land, at sea and underground. Our co-operation with customers creates excellent conditions for continuous development. The teamwork enables us to tailor new solutions – and stimulates us to keep on exploring new markets.
Roxtec cable and pipe seals are beneficial for equipment manufacturers and end-users. It is easy to design in and install our area efficient seals. Route many pre-terminated cables of different sizes through each cut-out, secure your cabinet or machinery at the factory and finalize when delivering onsite.

Proven Protection

The Roxtec sealing system is smart, safe and flexible. Our invention for adaptability ensures a perfect fit, regardless of the cable or pipe size. Fill a frame selected for the application with multiple cables, pipes and sealing modules or use a single service seal with adaptable inner and outer diameter. Roxtec cable and pipe transits protect against risk factors such as fire, gas, water, pressure and electromagnetic threats. They withstand tough conditions, corrosion and temperature cycling. They also reduce noise and offer efficient solutions for bonding, grounding, EMC and hazardous locations.

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Multi Cable/Pipe Transit

he Roxtec EzEntry™ cable entry seals have light-weight composite frames and fit directly into standard openings. The seals are available in six sizes for cable capacity from 4 to 32 cables, and provide IP 66/67 protection.

Single Cable/Pipe Transit

The Roxtec RS is a seal for single cables or pipes in metal sleeves or existing holes. The entry seal has two halves with removable layers making it adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes. The design of the transit makes it easy to install around existing cables or pipes.


The Roxtec GH is a cable and pipe seal for bolting onto steel or sandwich walls/floors. The rectangular steel frame allows for high cable and pipe packing density. The transit can be used with a GE extension frame in galvanized steel to cover the depth of a thick wall.


The Roxtec RS UG™ is a two-part seal for installation around single cables or pipes entering via foundations. It works as a long-lasting barrier against flooding, gas, humidity and rodents. The transit can be installed also in wet conditions and environments with running water. It withstands extreme cable bending and has a +5mm tolerance towards the aperture as well as an indicator showing when a compressed seal is achieved.

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