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scadafence platform

Continuous network monitoring to improve
visibility, risk management, and threat detection

SCADAfence is the most comprehensive network monitoring platform that helps companies with large-scale operational technology (OT) networks reduce cyber risks and mitigate operational threats. The platform is a non-intrusive continuous network monitoring solution with the unique capability of real time, wire-speed deep packet inspection, allowing it to analyze 100% of network traffic and protect any network architecture.

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“SCADAfence was really an eye-opener for us because a lot of OT security platforms are not really geared towards SCADA, they’re looking more for hijacking people’s computers, and it seems like PLC’s and the whole SCADA system is something that’s really missed by a lot of these OT security solutions. SCADAfence helps us detect who is in our system and what else can we do to identify problems within our industrial network.”

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Deep Packet Inspections

Scadafence Platform performs full, deep packet inspections for both IT and OT protocols. The SCADAfence team maintains up-to-date knowledge of industrial protocols in their various versions, as well as vendor-specific customizations. The Platform interprets the network traffic and provides you with understandable summaries. Supported protocols include – Modbus, Ethernet/IP, CIP Extensions, Siemens, Profinet, BACnet, DNP3, OPC-UA, MQTT, DeltaV, HART, and GE SRTP.

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Asset management and network visibility

SCADAfence Platform provides automated asset discovery, so you visibility and management of all the assets on your network. Passive and Active polling is supported. With this improved visibility, IT teams gain real-time control of their OT network assets and activities with network maps, traffic analysis, and asset management alerts which ultimately increasing your network's resilience.


Security and risk management

Detect cyber-attacks and non-malicious threats that jeopardize operational continuity of OT processes with exposures & threat assesments and incident management to prevent malware infection, rogue internet connections, and anomalous network activity. The SCADAfence Platform enables security teams to verify that only approved and planned activities are performed in OT environments.

Cyber governance

With the SCADAfence Platform, IT, CISO and OT teams can centrally configure and track status of organizational compliance to OT security standards with compliance dashboards and detail reports per site.

Full coverage & protection

With the best-in-class packet processing performance, SCADAfence can support 10Ks of assets with high bandwidth communications without applying traffic filtering or sampling.

Large scale security & usability

With algorithms that leverage advanced machine learning capabilities, SCADAfence is able to better learn network groups and reduce false positives, while providing a simple, friendly user interface.

Cost effective integration

SCADAfence’s solutions require fewer integration points, decreasing the number of sensors required and significantly reducing hardware requirements and maintenance costs.

SCADAfence - the world's leading network security platform

Learn how SCADAfence give teams visibility into the actual network exposure before a cyber-attack can materalize.

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