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Secure Remote Access

Imagine providing secure remote services to your customers as if you were on site. Save time, travel costs and provide instant services simultaneously. Secomea provide complete solutions for the industrial automation industry for secure and easy remote access to PLCs, HMIs and other automation equipment.

Remote Access Supports an Exemplary Record

City of Springfield, MO water treatment plants runs a tightly controlled operation. The system has to be monitored 24/7 and many of its facilities are distant and unmanned.City of Springfield To manage the system remotely requires support from the City’s IT Network, and introduces security issues. Secomea’s SiteManager makes remote technical operations independent of network set-up or configuration - helping the City of Springfield connect remotely efficiently and safely.

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Secure Communication

The Secomea solution comprises 3 basic components that provide secure communication between the machine administrator and the machine, no matter where it is in the world. Secomea is suited to both smaller machinery installations with low budgets and larger machine installations that require immediate action.



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SiteManager Hardware

Secomea SiteManager hardware gateways are rugged aluminum devices designed with industrial specifications. They support all features required for operating as secure access gateways for industrial installations – from small machines to complete production lines and whole factories. All SiteManager hardware gateways are certified for global installations.

SiteManager Software

Secomea SiteManager Embedded is a software gateway that installs on a PC, IPC or HMI panel and enables it to operate as a secure access gateway. It runs seamlessly with any operating system, in the background as a service, and is extremely lightweight, taking no significant system resources.


LinkManager is designed for remote programming and servicing of industrial equipment. Running on Windows, it approves access to devices and displays a view of all your sites and SiteManagers. Each device is shown with its configured name, type and online status. Just locate the device you want to connect to, click it, and you are online.


LogTunnel is designed so that non-IT people can easily set up a complete secure infrastructure for central logging, for example, to a central SCADA system or OPC Sever.

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