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Stratus Servers Distributor

Remove Complexity and Consolidate to One Virtualized Platform

Available for the control room, plant floor or enterprise, Stratus solutions enable control systems and supporting manufacturing applications to be consolidated onto one virtualized platform. All Stratus systems are self-monitoring, self-protecting, don’t require IT specialists on site – and are uniquely suited for industrial environments. The unique combination of Stratus’ integrated redundancy, automated failure prediction and part replacement, together with hot-swappable components and seamless system re-synchronization, eliminates downtime and returns systems to full operation without the need for IT. Stratus delivers simple, protected and autonomous zero-touch Edge Computing platforms for leaders who are digitally transforming their business-critical operations in order to achieve continuous availability and predictable, peak performance with minimal risk.

A New Edge Computing Platform

Stratus ztC Edge is a zero-touch, fully virtualized and self-protecting computing platform, specifically designed for industrial edge environments. Purpose-built for operational technology (OT) applications, ztC Edge provides failure prevention in an easy to set up, configure and manage solution. Because while OT personnel typically are IT knowledgeable, their focus is keeping the plant running smoothly while managing and reacting to applications such as SCADA, human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and other Internet of Things (IoT) and machine communication applications. Stratus ztC Edge provides a highly robust computing platform designed to host the applications that OT personnel depend upon, without any reliance on IT resources.

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Prevent Failures with the ftServer

Stratus offers quick and easy failure prevention with ftServer, particularly important in critical industrial automation applications such as control room Historians; HMIs and HMI servers; data acquisition and I/O servers; and advanced process control. Conventional technologies like clustering and virtualization-based High Availability do not prevent downtime, but instead rely on recovering from hardware or software failures, which can take anywhere from minutes to hours. Only ftServer prevents downtime of critical industrial automation applications by ensuring continuous availability.


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Stratus solutions enable rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures, from enterprise servers to clouds, without any changes to your applications and without the need for specialized expertise. Our team integrates perpetual monitoring services with always-on hardware and software, and virtualization technologies to deliver the reliability you require for your virtualized environment.


Stratus brings proven availability solutions take the complexity out of availability for organizations looking to leverage IIoT. Offering fault-tolerant availability, operational simplicity, and performance insights that span connected environments, Stratus ensures companies with future ready automated critical infrastructures never experience unscheduled downtime, saving millions in losses and preventing reputational damage.

High Availability

Stratus has been perfecting fault-tolerant server and high availability solutions for over 30 years. They first addressed the challenge of delivering the highest level of computing availability with proprietary hardware. These solutions require no changes to your existing applications, are quick and easy to deploy – perfect for edge computing – with little to no IT assistance needed and we have more than one solution that could work for your requirements.

Downtime Prevention

With Stratus technologies you can prevent downtime before it occurs and ensure uninterrupted 24 x 7 x 365 performance of essential business operations. With Stratus you can increase productivity and quality with a standards based platform and software deployment from the datacenter to the edge as well as with 99.99% continuous application availability without loss of data.

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