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Wingman Cobot Tool Changer System - plug and play automatic tool change for cobots

Get the flexibility to deploy more tools, solve more tasks, and generate more output in your production with the WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer system from Triple A Robotics. In just a few minutes, the plug and play WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer system is installed and ready for automatic and manual tool change. Featuring three different pass-through options for easy and adaptable connectivity between cobot and the robot tool. The WINGMAN is an affordable and highly adaptable automatic tool change solution.

One Size Fits All
Manual and automatic tool change. Standard ISO flange – Strong and light.

Plug and Play
Installed in few minutes out-of-the-box. Automatic tool change setup in 1 minute.

Cobot Safe
Designed and tested for ISO/TS 15066 compliance. Redundant mechanical locking mechanism.

Patented locking mechanism:

The WINGMAN is an innovative all mechanical automatic tool changer device that doesn't require compressed air to activate the couple and decouple mechanism in constrast to other tool changers. The patented locking mechanism locks and unlocks as the cobot moves the tool changer in and out of the tool holder. This means that the WINGMAN Tool Changer system can be installed and deployed in few minutes without need for compressed air installations, hoses, air valves and associated I/O setup.

Increase Output with an Automatic Tool Change

The WINGMAN tool changer offers both manual and automatic tool change in the same device and does not require expensive pneumatic installations.

UR Cobot Compatible

Simply, bolt on the parts, install the URcap and teach one waypoint for each tool you deploy. As you setup the rest of your robot program, you will find the manual tool change feature being a convenient help in completing your robot program faster.

Automatic and Manual Kit Available

With the WINGMAN kits, you get the necessary items to achieve easy manual and automatic tool changes between two tools and with Pneumatic, Pneumatic + Electric, and Pneumatic + Electric + High Flow. The kit fits directly onto all collaborative robots with the standard ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 flange

The all-in-one WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer system main specifications

  • Rated payload 33 kg / 73 lbs
  • Tool Changer weight 260 g / 0.57 lbs
  • Tool Changer height 30 mm / 0.18 in
  • Repeatability +-0,03 mm / +-0.0012 in
  • Automatic tool change setup in 1 minute
  • Pass-through adaptability
  • All highly durable metal alloys
  • Cobot safe (ISO/TS 15066)

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Highly adaptable, very compact, extraordinarily strong, collaborative-safe and affordably priced, the WINGMAN gives you the flexibility to deploy several tools without human intervention and generate more production output.

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