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WIN-911 Distributor

Alarm Notification Software

WIN-911 is the Global standard in alarm notification - it is used in more than 18,000 facilities worldwide. WIN-911 is a Software that delivers critical machine and process alarms, alerts, and notifications via mobile app, text, voice, email, or in-plant announcements — reducing production downtime and maintenance costs. SMS notifications support standards and modems used worldwide and character sets for all major spoken languages. WIN-911 supports notifications via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as well as over fixed/analog lines; both as a backup should the internet go down, or for users that do not wish to use the internet for security reasons. WIN-911 Mobile gives you a faster, easier way to resolve industrial alarm conditions in real time. All notification options support single or bi-directional communication, acknowledgements, and customized formats.

SCADA Integration Direct Connects

WIN-911 Direct Connects provide a native connection to leading SCADA/HMI systems enabling ease of configuration, performance optimization, and syncing of alarm acknowledgements and other data. The use of Alarm Subscriptions, which filter alarms into WIN-911, eliminates the need to maintain two separate alarm databases providing faster integration, with simplified setup and less on-going maintenance.

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Free 30 Day Trial

You can experience the world’s most advanced alarm notification system for modern SCADA architectures for free! The new WIN-911 series of products provides advances in reliability, security, and flexibility in a complete run-time, all the time alarm notification system. Built on the .NET framework, it supports SQL data storage and is designed for "run time" all the time to eliminate service disruptions.You can create strategic alarm workflows, define when to notfiy a person on call, design custom alarm templates, and more.

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Improve Alarm Response Time with Smart Escalation

From a simple callout list to an advanced escalation policy, WIN-911 allows you to quickly organize alarm notifications based on alarm types, severity, worker roles, or just about any other criteria you choose. WIN-911’s patented, script free, interface makes configuration easy and intuitive. The flexibility of WIN-911 allows you to customize who, where and when you send your alarms. For instance, you might send the most critical equipment alarms to all operators and managers, while giving maintenance techs a broader range of event data.

Simplify Scheduling Tasks with Calendar Tools

You can create simple to complex rolling schedules for different staff using calendar-based controls. And the Operator Workspace app lets you quickly make changes to your call out settings from any networked HMI touchscreen without having to open the full program.

Notification Options

All notification options support single or bi-directional communication, acknowledgements, and customized formats. You can use WIN-911 Mobile, SMS text, email, announcer, or voice.

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