Yaskawa Motoman Robots

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Yaskawa Motoman Robots Distributor

Industrial Robotic Systems

Yaskawa Motoman Robots are industry-leading, high-speed industrial robots include high-payload, extended-reach, ultra-maneuverable seven-axis and unique 15-axis dual-arm robots. With cutting-edge controllers, vision systems, peripherals and other best-in-class components, the Yaskawa product line includes more than 150 distinct robot models and a full-line of pre-engineered "World" solutions that are complete application specific work cells, including robot, process and safety equipment. Yaskawa’s proven track record of delivering industry leading quality, innovation and customer satisfaction can help you exceed your robotic automation goals.

Smart Series Robots

Yaskawa's Smart Series Robots are high-performance, industrial robots that are easy-to-use and offer powerful and precise control. In an effort to dramatically simplify the robot programming learning curve, Yaskawa is tailoring intuitive robot programming methods to novice robot users. A key piece of the puzzle for user-friendly programming comes in the form of the Smart Series product line, which includes the HC10DT, MotoMini, GP7, GP8 and GP12 robots, as well as the Smart Pendant and the YRC1000micro robot controller.


MotoMini provides superior performance in small part handling and assembly applications. This extremely lightweight robot is easy to ship and install.

  • Smallest and lightest 6-axis robot in the industry
  • Highest acceleration speeds in a small robot
  • 0.5 kg payload
  • ±0.02 mm repeatability


GP-series robots come equipped with the Functional Safety Unit that enables you to achieve industrial speed in a collaborative work environment. Engineered for easy installation, operation and maintenance, Each model offers a high wrist allowable moment for accurate and repeatable handling.


  • 7 kg payload
  • 927 mm horizontal reach
  • 1,693 mm vertical reach
  • ±0.03 mm repeatability


  • 8 kg payload
  • 727 mm horizontal reach
  • 1,312 mm vertical reach
  • ±0.02 mm repeatability


  • 12 kg payload
  • 1,440 mm horizontal reach
  • 2,511 mm vertical reach
  • ±0.06 mm repeatability

HC10DT - Collaborative Robot

This six-axis collaborative robot offers four modes of collaborative operation including Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology. The HC10DT meets all established safety standards and enables humans to work safely with robots.

  • Enhanced hand-guided teaching: No programming knowledge required
  • Robust, industrial strength cobot
  • 10 kg payload
  • Multiple gripper options

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