Finder Relays - Modular contactor with LED Indicator

Modular Contactor, 4PST-NO 25A, 120V AC/DC Coil, AgNi contact, LED & mech. Indicator
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Type Modular contactors, 25A, 4 contacts, with AgNi contact material, suitable for resistive, moderately inductive and motor loads, screw terminals.

Features include:

  • 35 mm wide
  • NO contact gap ≥ 3 mm, double break
  • Coil and contacts rated for continuous service
  • Silent AC/DC coil (with protection varistor)
  • Protective separation between coil and contacts (reinforced insulation)
  • Standard version with mechanical indicator and LED
  • Version with Auto-On-Off selector
  • Available versions with AgNi and AgSnO2 contact material
  • Compliant with EN 61095: 2009
  • Module with auxiliary contacts with Quickmount coupling to the contactor (versions with 1NO + 1NC and 2NO)
  • For railway applications; plastic materials compliant with fire and smoke regulations (EN 45545-2: 2013)
    – 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mounting

Also available in the following version:
Type (AgSnO2 contact material, specific for lamp loads and loads with high peak inrush currents)