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ABB Drives

ABB Drives

ABB offers AC and DC Drives and Motors to improve the efficiency of energy use and optimize process control. ABB offers a comprehensive range of products that operate reliably no matter how challenging the process.

Drives and Motors - Energy Efficiency

When combining an ABB drive and Baldor motor, you can optimize your applications performance through efficient use of energy and minimize the life cycle cost of other equipment. ABB's drive technology, Direct Torque Control (DTC), calculates the state of the motor at a high speed.This enables drives to control the motor with precision and react rapidly to sudden process and load changes - resulting in a dramatic reduction in power consumption and a considerable improvement in process controls.
Read this whitepaper, A Smart Combination, to learn how City of Lawrence was able to meet the water demands of residents while minimizing the life cycle cost of the pump, save energy, and reduce maintenance needs.

 ABB and Baldor have an exceptional reputation of delivering innovative products, quality solutions, and excellent support. With a ABB drive and Baldor motor package, you will receive:

  • An outstanding 5 year warranty for a drive/motor package
  • Best possible drive/motor solution for each specific application
  • Ease of ordering with one stop shopping
  • Optimized performance through efficient use of energy
  • One point of contact - the buck stops here

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