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Moxa provides a full spectrum of quality products for industrial networking, computing, and automation. Industrial Ethernet solutions include edge-to-core coverage with proven reliability, non-stop redundancy, WAN/VLAN security, plant-wide integration and visualized management.

EDS-405A - The Managed Switch That Saves You Money

EDS-405AWhen selecting an Ethernet switch to connect to operational devices and equipment, engineers and plant managers need to consider the time and effort for configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and service. Moxa’s EDS-405A not only matches or surpasses the specs on similarly priced switches, it also includes an impressive level of software and service support at no extra charge, greatly reducing your ongoing ownership costs.
With this level of included software, reliability, and support, the EDS-405A significantly reduces the time and money you spend on ongoing costs compared to similar switches.

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Connect Modbus to Wireless with this 2-in-1 Gateway

Wireless is the best solution for overcoming the limitations and costs of wired networks. Wireless Modbus gateways can connect ModbusRTU/ASCll devices to ModbusTCP through IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n networks. Maximize your Modbus with the Moxa MGate W5108/W5208 for a 2-in-1 design for reducing system complexity and valuable space.

This Moxa MGate series also supports even more integration options to handle diverse range of application requirements:
  • Wireless bridge function lets you connect field Ethernet devices to a wireless network, cutting costs associated with deploying extra wireless client devices.
  • Built-in remote I/O function can be used for intrusion detection, or status monitoring in the field without the cost of deploying an extra remote I/O.
The gateway's rugged design makes them suitable for industrial applications, including oil &gas, power, process automation, and factory automation.
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Industrial Media Converters for Harsh Environments

Moxa's industrial media converters convert Ethernet data to fiber optic signals. In harsh environments, they provide a reliable and stable media conversion. The converters can operate reliably in temperatures ranging from -40 to 75°C. The rugged hardware design ensures that your Ethernet equipment can withstand demanding industrial conditions. The IMC-21 series converters are easy to mount on a DIN-Rail or in distribution boxes.
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Get Industrial-Grade Wireless

When you need industrial-grade reliability and performance, think Moxa wireless connectivity. If you are connecting to devices outdoors or in harsh environments, low-cost hardware may not be optimized for certain uses.
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Easily Collect Sensor and Device Data for Industrial IoT Platforms

With Moxa’s 4G LTE Jump Start Kit, system integrators and OEM machine builders have an extremely cost-effective and flexible solution to connect sensors and devices to a management platform or database. It includes an easily-programmed Modbus data logger with built-in 4G LTE communications, a Modbus gateway that connects to the most common types of PLCs and RTUs, and an I/O module to collect analog and digital sensor data.
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Moxa congratulations on your Engineer's 2017 Choice Award for Hardware - Data Aquisition. We know your UC-8112-ME-T-LX data logger saves system integrators and developers time and glad you are recognized for it! http://www.controleng.com/events-and-awards/engineers-choice-awards/2017/finalist/ec-uc-8112-me-t-lx-programmable-4g-lte-modbus-data-logger/9ca190a49958ac52385ae85036a4175f.html

Moxa explains three things you should know when connecting your serial devices to IIoT: http://www.moxa.com/newsletter/connection/2017/02/feat_02.htm

Moxa explains 6 Ways to Lower IIoT Network Costs in a Control Engineering Magazine article: http://www.controleng.com/single-article/six-ways-to-lower-iiot-network-costs/e5e58ef3ebd50a6a14df14504ba7bc7b.html

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