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Solis Energy

Solis Energy

Solis Energy, Inc. is a global provider of reliable, continuous outdoor power generation, connectivity and back-up for low wattage applications.

Solis Energy provides new, continuous power solutions to address the growing needs of the MESH, wireless, SCADA and security/surveillance industries. Built from the “ground up”, Solis products provide cost-effective, reliable and rugged outdoor power to support the most mission-critical low-voltage applications, regardless of their location. Solis products are designed to be “smart”, enabling you work easier and smarter, therefore moving you far beyond basic power availability and connectivity issues.

A Cost-effective alternative to pulling traditional AC power for remote electronic devices

Solis Energy’s Solar Power Plants (SPP) deliver immediate, reliable solar generated Solar Generator electricity to your low wattage, remote applications – anytime and anywhere. Effectively power your equipment via direct 12/24/48 Vdc or non-typical Vdc, Power over Ethernet (POE), or inverter supplied AC.

Applications include: remote wireless networking and communications, security equipment, video surveillance, telemetry equipment, power conditioning, smart-grid and advanced metering infrastructure, SCADA, positive train and intelligent traffic controls.
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Keep your systems running even during intermittent power losses

Solis Energy’s Continuous Power Bridge (CPB) is an ideal solution Continous Power Bridge to bridge the daytime power gap caused by an intermittent power source or during times when your existing power source is unavailable. For example, you may have a wireless radio or surveillance camera mounted to a lamp post where the AC power is only available from dusk to dawn, then it shuts off during the day. The CPB fully recharges at night when the lights are on, then provides 100% power to your application during the day when the AC power is off.

Backup power in the event of a brownout,blackout, power dip or surge

Need short term power in the case of an emergency?Solis Energy UPS Solis Energy's UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is an ideal solution to provide battery back-up power. The UPS provides 50 watts of clean 12 volt DC, and 48V PoE uninterrupted power to critical DC loads such as communications devices, security systems and video cameras. It is light weight enough to be mounted near the top of a streetlight or tower to power all of your applications.
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