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ThinManager is a software solution for automation networks that enable secure, centralized configuration and deployment of applications and content to every PC, thin client, mobile device and user. ThinManager® increases safety and security through powerful visualization and authentication features allowing you to reduce your maintenance and downtime by simplifying the management of all devices and users.

You can also go mobile with ThinManager's built-in mobility solution, Relevance®—the only location-based mobile management platform that allows applications and content to be securely delivered to specific locations within your facility and nowhere else.

Increase your productivity, visualization, mobility and security from one easy-to-use, centralized and scalable management platform.

Content » HMI, MES, CMMS, ERP, SPC, web documents, cameras, workstations, terminals.
Device » Thin clients, Mobile devices, PC workstations.
User » Individuals, Groups.
Location » Facilty, Line, Area, Device.

Thin Client Management and Industrial Mobility Solutions

ThinManager 9

ThinManager Platform 9 allows you to easily manage the configuration of end-user terminals and the delivery of all your centralized applications and content to those terminals. With its wizard-based configuration, administrators can set up advanced functionality for end-user devices such as PCs, thin clients and mobile devices as well as customize the content delivered to the terminal based on who is logged in and what role they play in the work environment. Utilizing the location resolver technology, applications and content is ultra-secure with designation to specific areas.
What's new with Platform 9:  

  • Support for 4k monitors
  • Virtual Screens
  • Session scaling
  • SMS messaging
  • Support for new biometric hardware
  • Support for VNC connections
  • Authenticated email
  • Firewall compatible TFTP
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