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WIN-911 connects to just about any HMI/SCADA package keeping you up to date with current alarms. Connect through OPC, DDE, or directly to FactoryTalk, Wonderware, or GE's FIX systems.

Alarm Notification Software

No matter what the device or network environment (smartphone push notifications, web browser, analog or VOIP phone calls, SMS messages, email, in-plant announcement system, and other devices), WIN-911 is built to notify the appropriate person whenever an alarming condition arises. Plus, WIN-911 has a powerful logic engine that powers how an alarm escalates should it continue to be a problem. WIN-911 is widely credited for:

  • Reductions in personnel costs, raw material wastage, energy costs, and machine maintenance costs
  • Increasing production line flows
  • Preventing flooding and other disasters
Mobile-911 centralizes alarm messages, displays them in an easy to read format, and send acknowledgments. The smartphone app will keep your team notified of alerts as well as the action being taken to respond to them.

Water plants can switch from reactionary to preventative management with WIN-911

WIN-911 is reinventing the way water treatment facilities monitor their processes and plants. Over 25 percent of all water and wastewater plants in North America and hundreds of facilities around the globe utilize WIN-911 to monitor a broad spectrum of variables such as water tank levels, pH, and pressure, allowing workers to respond in real time to problems before they reach consumers.
“WIN-911 sends different levels of response based on the issue. We also receive early warnings, which allow us to start investigating before issues become big problems.” - Albert Figueroa, Senior Treatment Plant Operator at the municipal treatment plant in Iowa City.

WIN-911 can reduce downtime in Food & Beverage

WIN-911 saves food and beverage manufacturing companies time and money by closely monitoring material processing lines in real time. Connecting the WIN-911 alarm notification system to plant control and monitoring systems reduces production waste and materials handling equipment downtime, as well as improves overall plant efficiency.
Nestlé recently installed WIN-911 Pro as the alarm notification software upgrade for their ice cream freezing facility. The food processing, nutrition, health, and wellness giant was seeking a simple mobile alerts solution to help lessen the time between the triggering of alarms and the response time of refrigeration technicians. Prior to the installation of WIN-911, offsite technicians took up to an hour to respond to alarms. Since installing WIN-911 Pro, their response time has been significantly reduced to less than ten minutes and production downtime has been virtually eliminated.

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