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WIN-911 connects to just about any HMI/SCADA package keeping you up to date with current alarms. Connect through OPC, DDE, or directly to FactoryTalk, Wonderware, or GE's FIX systems.

Alarm Notification Software

No matter what the device or network environment (smartphone push notifications, web browser, analog or VOIP phone calls, SMS messages, email, in-plant announcement system, and other devices), WIN-911 is built to notify the appropriate person whenever an alarming condition arises. Plus, WIN-911 has a powerful logic engine that powers how an alarm escalates should it continue to be a problem. WIN-911 is widely credited for:

  • Reductions in personnel costs, raw material wastage, energy costs, and machine maintenance costs
  • Increasing production line flows
  • Preventing flooding and other disasters
Mobile-911 centralizes alarm messages, displays them in an easy to read format, and send acknowledgments. The smartphone app will keep your team notified of alerts as well as the action being taken to respond to them.

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