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ABB Tropos

ABB Tropos

ABB Tropos Networks develop innovative technologies and products used to create reliable, secure and scalable wireless IP networks for field applications. Networks based on Tropos products are used in vertical markets such as utilities, oil and gas, mining and cities.

Tropos outdoor wireless mesh network solutions support multiple municipal departments

wireless broadband for city services

Tropos technology can increase municipal services and improve quality of life. The wireless network infrastructure can be used for remote monitoring, control of devices such as SCADA, street lights, utility meter reading, distribution automation, traffic/security video cameras, and more.

Tropos can enhance communications reducing operating costs while increasing efficiencies. Tropos technology offers:

  • Performance - multi-megabit capacity, low latency
  • Security - firewall, IPsec VPN, AES encryption in every router
  • Reliability - rugged equipment
  • Scalability - can be deployed to cover areas as small as a city block or as large as an entire city
  • Mobility - seamless roaming across entire coverage area
  • Radios - maximum power, best receive sensitivity, outdoor optimized
  • Management - most comprehensive centralized configuration, analysis and reporting

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