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TURCK is a leading manufacturer of products designed for factory and process automation industries that uphold uncompromising standards for reliability and functionality. The extensive line of products includes advanced sensors, measurement, instrumentation, connectivity, interface and networks that meet clients' application demands.

Capacitive Sensor Line with Teachable Options

Turck is expanding its portfolio of capacitive sensors, now offering 18 mm and 30 mm capacitive barrel sensors with teachable capabilities. The new offering comes in two variants – teach by wire or teach by button.Turck Teachable sensors
The teach by button variant can be taught by a single press of a button, saving valuable installation and configuration time. Both present and absent media can be taught for a higher sensitivity teach. The variant without a push button can be taught either by a teach adapter or teach by wire (pin 5), which allows for a tamper-resistant installation. Each variant is available in either PNP or NPN.
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Minifast Control Power Wiring Solution

Turck has developed a new connectivity solution that is compatible with the control power connection system utilized with Rockwell ArmorStart distributed motor starters. Turck’s Minifast control power offering gives an alternative solution for Turck Minifast Control power solutioncustomers to have drop in replacements that tap directly into the existing E-stop control wiring circuits. 
  • Provides alternative solution for control power system used with Rockwell ArmorStart motor starters
  • Uses Turck’s trusted Minifast connector product line and seamlessly works in Rockwell system
  • Quicker delivery lead times than market is currently offering
  • Fits well with other standard Turck products for this application including Ethernet, DeviceNet™, A-Size and D-Size power
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IMC Product Update

Get more flexibilty and move the intrinsic safety barrier from the cabinet to the field with the highly compact and rugged IMC series. The devices feature explosion protection category “intrinsic safety“ and are galvanically separated. Local application is possible because of the 3 GD approval which allows use in explosion hazardous areas (zone 2) resulting from combustible dusts or gases (only in combination with the protective housing IMC-SG). Turck IMC series
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#Turck, congrats on the TBEN-PLC, ideal for controlling small or modular machines, as a finalist in the 2018 Engineers' Choice Awards!

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